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Verena King

Verena King, a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur based in Las Vegas, Nevada. King is originally from Los Angeles and has always been passionate about media and entertainment. She began her career in radio while studying in college and quickly climbed the ranks to become the Director of Marketing and Promotions for a cluster of stations.

In 2015, King founded her public relations and social media specialty firm, Verena King PR, which she expanded to the film industry in Los Angeles. Not stopping there, she also established King Social, LLC, a company focused on social media marketing and publicity for small businesses and corporations.

With her strong background in music and the press, King has made a name for herself in the industry and continues to grow her business. Stay tuned to learn more about Verena King’s age, career, family, net worth, and height in our bio update for 2024.

Who is Verena King?

Verena King is a lady who loves working in movies and music. She grew up in Los Angeles, famous for Hollywood, but now she lives in Las Vegas. When she was younger, she liked to listen to music and even worked at radio stations, where they played music and talked on the air for everyone to hear. Verena decided she wanted to help movie stars and singers tell the world about their work.

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She created her own companies called Verena King PR and King Social, LLC. These companies help famous people and businesses show off what they do on social media like Instagram and Twitter. Verena King is good at her job and uses her love for music and movies to make her work fun and exciting.


Real Name Verena King-Boxleitner
Nick Name Verena King
Famous As 1. Entrepreneur
2. Wife of Bruce Boxleitner
Age 74 years old
Birthplace United States
Birth Sign Cancer
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Religion Christianity
Height approx. 5 feet and 9 inches
Weight approx. 60 Kg
Body Measurements approx. 34-30-37 inches
Bra Cup Size 33 C
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Shoe Size 5.3 (US)
Spouse Bruce Boxleitner
Net Worth approx. $3 million (USD)

Early Life and Education

Verena King was a curious little girl who grew up in a sunny Los Angeles place. Imagine a warm city where many people dream of becoming movie and music stars. That’s where Verena started dreaming, too. She liked to listen to stories and music and was always interested in learning new things.

When she got a bit older, Verena went to college. College is like a big school where grown-ups go to learn even more about the things they love. While in college, Verena thought it would be exciting to learn about solving mysteries, so she studied criminal justice and pre-law. It’s like what detectives do in stories, figuring out puzzles and helping people.

Verena King  Parents and Siblings

Verena King grew up with her family in a place full of sunshine called Los Angeles. Like many families, they shared lots of fun times. Verena has yet to talk much about her mom or dad or if she has brothers and sisters. Like any family, they might have movie nights, play games, or listen to music.

Her family’s love and support helped her chase her dreams. Just imagine having a family cheering for you like your own cheerleading team! That’s how Verena started her journey to becoming the star she is today in her work.

Husband and Boyfriend

Verena King has a special person in her life: her husband. Imagine having a best friend who is always there to share your happiest moments, dreams, and even your favorite ice cream flavor. That’s what it’s like for Verena with her husband. They got married, which means they had a big celebration to promise each other they would be best friends forever.

We don’t hear much about him because Verena likes to keep her personal life like a special secret garden, where not everyone gets to go. Like in fairy tales, where princes and princesses have their castles, Verena and her husband have a special world filled with love and happiness. But remember, even though it’s fun to learn about people we admire.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Verena King is one of those grown-ups who has been around the sun many times, she was born in 1950 and she is 74 years old. It’s like when you have a yearly birthday, get slightly taller, and learn new things. We need to find out how tall Verena is, like if she’s as tall as your dad or a bit shorter. Her height is 5 feet and 9 inches.


Just as sometimes you might feel light as a feather or strong as an elephant, her weight is round about 60kg. What’s special about Verena is not how tall she is or what the number on the scale says. It’s about the amazing things she does, like helping movie stars.

Singers tell their stories to the world. Just imagine being able to talk to your favorite singer because of the work someone does. That’s what Verena does, and it’s pretty cool. Even without knowing all those numbers, we can tell Verena is special just by the wonderful things she does.

Verena King  Career

Imagine playing with your favorite toys and deciding you want to make it your job to play and share stories about them with everyone. That’s similar to what Verena King did with her love for music and movies. After she finished school, she got a job at a radio station where they play music and talk for people to listen to.

Verena loved it so much that she worked hard and became the boss of marketing and promotions. This means she got to plan fun events and decide how to share music with people. But Verena had even bigger dreams! She started Verena King PR and King Social, LLC to help stars.

Businesses shine on social media. For example, when you create amazing things with your toys and show them to friends, Verena helps people share their cool stuff with the whole world.

Verena King  Before fame

Before Verena King became known for helping stars shine, she was a girl with big dreams in Los Angeles. This city is like a huge playground where movies are made, and music fills the air. As a young girl, Verena loved to listen to stories and songs, dreaming about the day she could be part of that magical world.

She didn’t start famous, but with her love for music and movies, she worked hard every day. Imagine turning your favorite hobby into your job; that’s what Verena did. She shows us that dreams can come true with passion and hard work.

Social Media Presence

Verena King is like a shining star in the big world of the internet. She uses special websites called social media to share stories and pictures. Imagine drawing a beautiful picture or having a fun day out and then showing it to your friends by putting it on the fridge. Social media is like the world’s fridge, but we use likes and hearts instead of magnets to show we love it.

Verena shares cool stuff about her work and the famous people she helps. She has a magic box where she can put all these stories and pictures; everyone can see them on their phones or computers. She uses Instagram to post pretty pictures and Twitter to write short, exciting news.

Whenever she shares something, it’s like greeting everyone, making them smile, or learning something new. Just think about sharing your favorite toy story online, and that’s what Verena does with her work stories.

Net Worth and Achievement

In the world of grown-ups, when someone does a good job at their work, they can earn “net worth.” It’s like when you save up your allowance for doing chores or getting good grades. Verena King has been working hard to help famous people and companies look awesome on social media. Because she’s done such an amazing job, she’s saved up a lot of allowance, her net worth is aproximately $3million.

Imagine having enough allowance to buy a mountain of toys! Besides saving up her allowance, Verena has earned shiny trophies for her work. It’s like when you do something great, and your teacher gives you a gold star. But for grown-ups, the stars are called “awards,” they say, “Wow, you did an amazing job!”

Verena has gotten these grown-up gold stars because she’s good at sharing stories and ensuring everyone knows how cool her clients are. So, she’s not just saving up her grown-up allowance; she’s also collecting many gold stars for her hard work.

Legacy and Impact

Verena King is like a superhero in the world of music and movies. She has helped many famous people and businesses share their amazing stories. Imagine if every time you drew a beautiful picture or sang a lovely song, there was someone to help show it to everyone.

That’s what Verena does. She uses her magic powers of talking and sharing on the internet to ensure everyone’s stories are heard. Because of her, more people can enjoy music and movies they might not have known about. She’s making the world happier with her work, one story at a time.

Verena King  Hobbies

  • Listening to Music: Verena loves all kinds of music, just like how you might enjoy dancing and singing to your favorite songs.
  • Watching Movies: She enjoys watching movies and imagining herself in exciting adventures and magical stories.
  • Playing with her Pets: Verena has pets she loves to play and cuddle with, just like you might have a furry friend at home.
  • Traveling: She likes to go to new places and see different things, like going on a treasure hunt in real life.
  • Reading: Verena enjoys reading books and diving into stories about far-away lands and amazing people.

Interesting facts

  • Verena King used to help pick songs and talk on the radio, just like a DJ at a party.
  • She loves solving mysteries and learning about laws like a detective.
  • Verena started her company to help famous people and businesses show how cool they are online.
  • She moved from a place full of movie stars, Los Angeles, to a bright city, Las Vegas, famous for its shiny lights.
  • Even though she works with music and movies, Verena also studied about being a lawyer and solving crimes in school, just like a superhero figuring out puzzles.


What does Verena King do?

She helps famous people and businesses show the world how cool they are online.

Where did Verena grow up?

She grew up in a sunny place called Los Angeles.

Does Verena have pets?

Yes, she has pets she loves to play and cuddle with.

What did Verena study in school?

She learned about solving mysteries and laws like a detective.

Where does Verena live now?

She lives in a city full of bright lights named Las Vegas.


So, boys and girls, we’ve been on a fun adventure learning about Verena King, a lady who turns music and movies into magical stories for everyone. She started with small steps, like loving music and dreaming big, just like you. Then, she worked hard and made those dreams come true by helping stars shine brighter.

Verena teaches us that you can create your fairy tale with much love for what you do and never give up. And remember, sharing your story, just like Verena does, can make the world more magical.


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