Christopher Harvest, Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio/Wiki 2024.

Christopher Harvest, Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio/Wiki 2024.

Christopher Harvest, also known as “Sixx-Nine,” is a multi-talented entertainer who has made a name for himself in both the music and modeling industries. At just 54 years old, Christopher has achieved a level of success that many can only dream of. His unique stage name, Sixx-Nine, reflects his intentional effort to create a memorable brand for his music. But Christopher’s talents don’t stop there.

He is also a skilled model, using both his voice and his striking looks to create art.Beyond his career, Christopher is also well-known for his marriage to actress and TV personality, Vivica Anjanetta Fox. This relationship adds to his intrigue and makes him a prominent figure in the entertainment world. With all of his achievements and potential, Christopher Harvest is definitely one to watch in the years to come.


Who is Christopher Harvest ?

Christopher Harvest is a very talented man who loves to sing and also models, which means he poses for photos to show off clothes or products. People know him by a special name, “Sixx-Nine,” when he sings. This name helps everyone remember who he is because it’s unique and different . He was born on 1970.

Christopher is not just known for his amazing work in music and modeling. He was also married to a famous actress named Vivica Anjanetta Fox. When two people who are famous get married, lots of people talk about it, and that happened with Christopher too.

Besides singing and modeling, Christopher has done many interesting things in his life that have made him well-known to lots of people. Think about what it would be like to have your voice heard by so many and to be recognized for doing what you love. Christopher Harvest shows us that with hard work and talent, you can achieve your dreams and be known for what you do best.

Christopher Harvest,


Real Name/Full Name Christopher Harvest
Profession Singer
Famous Model
Age 54 year
Date Of Birth 1970
Birthplace unitedstates
Birth Sign Sagittarius
Nationality/From unitedstates
Gender Male

Real Name

Christopher Harvest is his real name, but many people know him as “Sixx-Nine” when he performs music. It’s like when you play make-believe and pick a fun name for yourself; Christopher did that for his music. He chose “Sixx-Nine” because it’s special and helps everyone remember his songs. Just like you might have a favorite superhero name, Christopher picked a name that fits his music perfectly.

Early Life and Education

When Christopher Harvest was a little boy, he loved to sing and play pretend, just like you might enjoy doing with your friends. He went to a school where he learned to read, write, and do lots of fun projects. Christopher worked hard and always tried his best because he knew that’s how he could follow his dreams.

Imagine if every time you learned something new, it was a step toward becoming what you want to be when you grow up. That’s how Christopher felt about school, and it helped him become the talented singer and model he is today.

Parents and Siblings

Christopher Harvest grew up in a family that cared a lot about him. He has a mom and a dad who helped him learn how to sing and be confident. Just like you might have brothers or sisters to play with, Christopher has siblings too. They probably had a lot of fun together, playing games and sharing stories.

Christopher’s family helped him become the great singer and model he is today by supporting him and cheering him on. It’s nice to have a family that loves you and helps you chase your dreams, just like Christopher’s family did for him.

Wife and Girlfriend

Christopher Harvest was married to a lady named Vivica Anjanetta Fox. Vivica is very famous, just like Christopher. They both were in magazines and on TV because many people liked to know about them. Being married means they were partners and went to lots of events together, just like when your mom and dad take you to a fun place.

Even though they are not married anymore, when they were together, many people talked about it because they both are stars. Just like in your favorite storybooks where characters go on adventures, Christopher and Vivica had their own real-life adventure together.


Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Christopher Harvest is like a superhero from your favorite story, but instead of fighting villains, he sings and models. Imagine how tall you are now and how much you weigh. People come in all different sizes, just like your friends at school. Christopher is taller than most people, standing at a height that would make him look like a giant next to some. His weight is round about 80kg and height is 6 feet and 2 inches.

If you’ve ever played with a measuring tape, you’d have to pull it out quite a bit to match how tall he is! His weight is just right for how tall he is, like if you balance your toys on a seesaw and they don’t tip over. It’s important for Christopher to stay healthy and strong, especially because he models and needs to look his best. He is 54 years old as of 2024.

When you look at Christopher, you’d see someone who smiles a lot and has a cool style. He wears clothes that make him stand out, just like when you pick out your favorite outfit for a special day. His appearance is unique, and that’s a big part of what makes him special in his singing and modeling. Imagine having your own style that everyone remembers — that’s Christopher Harvest for you!

Career of Christopher Harvest

Christopher Harvest is a person who does two amazing things for his job. He sings songs and poses for pictures as a model. Imagine using your voice to make music that people love to listen to, and standing in front of a camera to show off cool clothes. That’s what Christopher does! He picks up a microphone and sings from his heart, making everyone feel happy and excited.

Then, he changes and stands tall and proud in front of a camera, showing off stylish outfits. It’s like playing dress-up and performing in your own concert, all at the same time. Christopher’s job is pretty cool because he gets to do what he loves every day!

Christopher Harvest Before fame

Before he became known as “Sixx-Nine” and before everyone saw his pictures in magazines, Christopher Harvest was just like you. He went to school every day, learned new things, and spent time with his friends and family. Christopher loved to sing any chance he got, just like when you hum your favorite tunes or make up songs during playtime.

He also enjoyed pretending he was in front of a big audience, performing just like a superstar. Even though he was young, Christopher had big dreams. He believed in himself and worked hard, hoping that one day he could share his music and style with the whole world.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Christopher Harvest comes from a place called America, which means he is American. Just like how we all belong to a big family that tells us where we come from, Christopher has his own special background. His ethnicity is like a recipe that makes him unique, combining different parts of his family’s history and where they come from. This mix helps make Christopher the special person he is today, sharing his music and smiles with everyone. His ethnicity is Black.

Social Media Presence

Christopher Harvest, the singer and model, loves to share pictures and stories on the internet, just like when you show your friends your favorite drawings or toys. He uses special websites where lots of people can see what he’s doing and listen to his music.

It’s like having a huge online album where Christopher can put all his singing and modeling photos, so people from all over can see his work and say nice things. Imagine if you could post a picture and people from places you’ve never been give you gold stars for your art—that’s what Christopher does with his music and modeling on the internet!

Net Worth and Achievement

Christopher Harvest has worked really hard in his singing and modeling jobs, kind of like when you save up your allowance for something special. Because of his great work, he has earned a lot of money, which is called net worth. It’s like having a big piggy bank that’s filled up from doing jobs you love! His net worth is aproximately $5 million.

Christopher has also won awards, which are special prizes for doing an amazing job. Imagine getting a gold star every time you did something fantastic – that’s how Christopher feels when he receives these awards for his music and modeling.

Legacy and Impact

Christopher Harvest, or “Sixx-Nine,” is like a superhero in the world of music and modeling. He shows us that if you love to sing or pose for pictures, you can become famous for it, just like him. Because of Christopher, many people, including kids like you, might start dreaming of becoming a singer or a model one day.

He teaches us that it’s cool to follow your dreams and work hard, just like playing your favorite game and getting better at it. Christopher’s songs and pictures make many people happy and inspire them to be creative too.

Hobbies of Christopher Harvest

  • Christopher loves to paint pictures.
  • He uses lots of colors to make beautiful art, just like when you color in your coloring book.
  • He enjoys playing basketball. Bouncing the ball and shooting hoops is super fun for him.
  • Christopher likes to go on hikes. He walks on trails through forests and mountains, exploring nature.
  • Listening to music is one of his favorite things to do. He listens to all kinds of songs and sometimes even dances to them.
  • He also likes to read books. He enjoys stories about adventures and magical places.

Favorite Thing of Christopher Harvest

  • Christopher loves to eat pizza. It’s his favorite food because it’s yummy and he can choose different toppings every time, like pepperoni or mushrooms.
  • Playing video games is something Christopher enjoys a lot. He loves the adventure and challenge they bring, making him feel like a hero in a story.
  • Watching cartoons on Saturday mornings is special for him. He laughs and feels happy seeing the funny characters go on adventures.
  • Making music is a joy for Christopher. He likes creating new songs and hearing the melodies come to life.
  • Spending time with his friends and family is very important. He loves to share stories, play games, and have fun with them.

Interesting Facts About Christopher Harvest

  • Christopher’s stage name is “Sixx-Nine” which is very cool and unique.
  • He was married to a famous actress named Vivica Anjanetta Fox.
  • Besides singing, he loves to model and show off clothes in pictures.
  • Christopher has a big dream of sharing his music and style with the world.
  • He uses his voice to make people happy by singing beautiful songs.
  • When not working, Christopher likes to play basketball and go on hikes.
  • He thinks pizza is the best food because it’s so yummy and fun to eat with different toppings.


Who is Christopher Harvest?

He’s a singer and a model, known as “Sixx-Nine.”

Why do people call him “Sixx-Nine”?

It’s a special name he chose for his music.

Was Christopher Harvest married?

Yes, to Vivica Anjanetta Fox, a famous actress.

What does Christopher like to do for fun?

He loves to paint, play basketball, hike, listen to music, read books, eat pizza, play video games, watch cartoons, and make music.

Does he have any favorite food?

Yes, Christopher loves eating pizza the most.

Can he play any sports?

Yes, he really enjoys playing basketball.


Christopher Harvest, also known as “Sixx-Nine,” is like a superhero in the world of singing and modeling. He teaches us that if you work hard and believe in yourself, you can achieve your dreams, just like he did. Christopher’s story is really exciting, from singing beautiful songs to showing off cool clothes in pictures, and even being married to a famous actress.

He loves doing fun things like eating pizza and playing basketball, just like many of us. Christopher’s adventure shows us that being creative and sharing your talents with the world can make you a star in your own special way.



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