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Sunetra Sastry

Sunetra Sastry was born in 1957 to an Indian father and an English mother. Growing up in 1960s England, she faced racism on a daily basis due to her father’s culture. Despite this, Sastry pursued her passion for beauty and became a successful makeup artist, working on popular productions like Black Adder. She defied her parents’ wishes to study nursing and followed her dreams, which eventually paid off.

Today, Sunetra Sastry is an inspiration to many, showing that hard work and determination can lead to success. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into her life, career, family, net worth, and height as of 2024. Stay tuned to learn more about this incredible woman!

Who is Sunetra Sastry?

Sunetra Sastry is a talented lady who turned her love for beauty into her job. She was born a long time ago, in 1957, and she has a unique background, with a dad from India and a mom from England. When she was a little girl, just like you, she had dreams. Even though some people were not kind to her because of where her dad was from, she didn’t give up.

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She wanted to make people look beautiful as a makeup artist, even though her mom and dad thought she should be a nurse. But she followed her heart and became really good at makeup. She worked for a prominent place called BBC and made actors look great in shows and movies. Sunetra shows us that if you really love something, you should do it, no matter what anyone else says.


Full name Sunetra Sastry.
Nickname Sunetra.
Working like makeup artist
Age 67 years old
Date of Birth (DOB), Birthday September 5, 1957.
Place of birth New York, USA.
Nationality American.
star sign (zodiac sign) Virgo.
Religion Hinduism.
ethnicity indian-english.
Current location New York, USA.
Famous for Ex-wife of the famous actor and comedian from the cartoon series Mr. Bean, Rowan Atkinson.

Early Life and Education

Sunetra Sastry grew up in a place called England a long time ago, in the 1960s. Imagine a world very different from ours today, where people don’t always understand or like each other because they come from different places or have different skin colours. That was the world Sunetra lived in. She was a little girl with a big dream in a family that was special because her dad was from India and her mom was from England.

This made her childhood challenging sometimes but also very unique. Sunetra went to school like all kids do. After she finished all her classes in high school, she decided she wanted to learn more but in a different way. She didn’t want to be a nurse like her parents hoped. Instead, she loved making things pretty, especially people’s faces.

So, she chose to go to a Beauty College in London. It’s like a school where, instead of learning math or science, you learn how to make people look their best with makeup and beauty tricks. That’s where she started to learn all the fantastic skills she needed for her dream job.

Parents and Siblings

Sunetra’s family is like a puzzle from two different worlds. Her dad came from India, a faraway place with lots of spices and bright colours, and her mom was from England, where it rains a lot, and they have red buses. They were like two pieces that fit perfectly together.

Even though her mom’s family disagreed with their love, they stood firm. Sunetra doesn’t talk much about brothers or sisters, so she might have been the star of the house, learning big lessons from her brave mom and dad.

Husband and Boyfriend

Sunetra Sastry found someone notable named Rowan Atkinson. He’s hilarious and makes lots of people laugh. They met when she was making actors look nice with makeup, and he was pretending to be different characters on TV. Rowan and Sunetra liked each other so much that they decided to get married.

They had a big wedding and promised to be best friends forever. They also have two kids, who are like little pieces of their love story. Just like in fairy tales, they had happy moments and challenging times, but their love was extraordinary.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Sunetra Sastry was born a long time ago, in the year 1957. She is 67 years old! Imagine all the birthdays she has celebrated with cakes and candles. Her height is 5 feet and 4 inches and her weight is round about 56kgSunetra is just the right height to be a makeup artist, reaching high and low to make people look just perfect on TV.

As for how she looks, Sunetra has a kind smile that makes you feel like she’s a friend you’ve always known. She has pretty hair that she probably knows how to style in lots of cool ways because of her beauty school tricks. Even without knowing exactly how tall she is or what her favourite outfit might be, remember that Sunetra is someone who followed her dreams and became successful, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Sunetra Sastry Career

Sunetra Sastry is like a magic artist, but instead of paint and brushes, she uses makeup to create her art. She went to a particular school to learn all about making people look their best. Then, she got a job at a prominent place called the BBC, where they make TV shows and movies.

Sunetra was really good at her job and got to work with famous people, making them look nice on camera. One of her big projects was a funny show called “Black Adder.” Just like in a storybook, Sunetra used her skills to help bring characters to life on screen.

Sunetra Sastry Before fame

Before Sunetra Sastry became known for her excellent makeup skills, she was just a girl with big dreams in her heart. Imagine a young Sunetra, much like you, thinking about all the beautiful things she could do in the world. She didn’t start famous or with her makeup tools in hand.

Instead, she went to school, played, and learned just like you. Her journey to becoming a great makeup artist began with simple steps – learning, dreaming, and believing in herself. And remember, every big dream starts with a little dreamer, just like you and Sunetra.

Social Media Presence

Sunetra Sastry is like a secret garden that not everyone knows about, especially on the internet, where we find pictures and stories about almost everyone. Unlike some people who like to share lots of photos and thoughts online, Sunetra prefers to keep her life more private. This means she doesn’t have pages on websites like Instagram or Twitter where you can see what she had for breakfast or where she goes on vacation.

It’s kind of like when you have a unique secret clubhouse that only you and your best friends know about. Sunetra’s life is her secret clubhouse, and she chooses to share it with just a few people, not the whole world, through social media. But that’s okay! It makes us remember that some stories are so unique that they don’t need to be shared with everyone, just those we love and trust.

Net Worth and Achievement

Sunetra Sastry has done some fantastic things in her life that many people know about and some things that are her little victories. Imagine if you made the most beautiful painting and everyone in your class clapped for you – that’s a bit like what Sunetra feels when she finishes making someone look fabulous for a TV show or movie. Her net worth is aproximately $30 million.

Over the years, she’s helped lots of actors become the characters they’re pretending to be with just the right touch of makeup. Her work on shows like “Black Adder” has made many people smile and laugh, and that’s a significant achievement. Even though it’s a grown-up thing to talk about money, some people are curious about how much Sunetra has earned from doing what she loves.

It’s believed that she has saved up a good amount of money, kind of like if you saved up all your allowance for something extraordinary. But remember, what’s really cool about Sunetra isn’t just the money; it’s the magic she creates and the happiness she spreads with her talent. That’s something worth more than any treasure chest full of gold.

Sunetra Sastry Legacy and Impact

Sunetra Sastry is like a superhero in the world of makeup. She showed everyone that following your dreams can make you do great things, even if the journey looks hard. Just like how superheroes inspire us to be brave, Sunetra inspires people to believe in their dreams.

She made actors look amazing and helped create some of our favourite TV shows. Because of her, many now know it’s okay to be different and to follow what makes you happy. Sunetra’s story teaches us that doing what you love can make a big difference in the world.

Sunetra Sastry Hobbies

  • Sunetra loves to play with colours, not just on faces but on paper, too! She enjoys painting and making beautiful pictures that can hang on walls or be given as gifts to friends.
  • Gardening is another fun thing she does. Imagine a magical garden with all sorts of flowers and plants. Sunetra likes to get her hands dirty and watch as seeds turn into beautiful blooms.
  • Reading books takes her on adventures without leaving her house. She can explore jungles, visit faraway lands, or solve mysteries, all by turning the pages of a book.
  • Cooking yummy food is something she loves. Sunetra experiments with spices and ingredients to make tasty dishes. It’s like being a scientist but in the kitchen!
  • Walking in nature makes her happy. She enjoys listening to the birds sing, feeling the breeze, and watching the clouds float by in the sky. It’s peaceful and beautiful.

Sunetra Sastry Favorite Thing

  • Sunetra loves to make people smile with her makeup.
  • She enjoys finding the perfect colours that make someone look their best.
  • Painting beautiful pictures is also one of her favourite things. She uses bright colours to create magical scenes.
  • Walking in her garden and looking at all the pretty flowers makes her really happy.
  • Reading adventure books takes her to new and exciting places without ever leaving her chair.
  • Cooking is fun for her, especially when she tries new recipes that turn out really yummy.
  • Lastly, she loves quiet walks in nature, where she can listen to birds and feel the breeze.

Interesting Facts About

  • Sunetra once made a famous actor look like a queen with just her makeup!
  • She didn’t start loving makeup in beauty school; she loved playing with her mom’s makeup as a little girl.
  • Even though she’s really good with makeup, Sunetra also loves to play outside in the dirt, growing flowers.
  • She’s met lots of funny people at work, but she thinks laughter is the best kind of makeup.
  • Sunetra has a magic touch that can turn a regular face into a movie star’s face in minutes.
  • Sometimes, she makes her makeup colours by mixing different ones.
  • She believes every face tells a story, and makeup is her way of helping tell that story.


What does Sunetra do?

She makes people look beautiful with makeup.

Is she on TV?

No, but she makes actors on TV look good.

Does she like books?

Yes, she loves reading adventure stories.

What else does Sunetra like?

Painting, cooking, and walking outside.

Did she always want to do makeup?

Yes, even when she was little.

Who is her special friend?

She married Rowan Atkinson, a funny man.

Can she make anyone a queen?

Yes, with her makeup skills!


Sunetra Sastry is a wonderful lady who shows us that chasing your dreams is super important. She didn’t listen when others said she couldn’t become a makeup artist, and look at her now! She’s made so many people look amazing on TV and in movies.

Sunetra teaches us that it’s okay to be different and that being kind and working hard can lead to unique places. Even though not everyone might understand your dreams, like how some didn’t understand Sunetra’s love for makeup, it’s important to keep believing in yourself.

She also shows us that finding happiness in simple things, like painting, cooking, or taking walks, can make life really special. So, let’s remember, just like Sunetra, always to follow our hearts and do what we love because that’s how we can make our magic in the world.


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