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Marc Schauer

Marc Schauer is a man of many talents and accomplishments. He is best known as the husband of famous actress Laura Linney, but there is much more to him than that. Marc is a devoted family man and successful real estate agent with a net worth that has steadily grown. Despite being married to a celebrity, he values his privacy and keeps his personal life away from the public eye.

At 47, Marc has already achieved great success in his career despite choosing to skip college and jump straight into the workforce. He may be a mystery to many, but we have gathered some interesting facts about him that even a seven-year-old would find fascinating. From his love for his family to his impressive height, there is much to learn about Marc Schauer. Keep reading to find out more!

Who is Marc Schauer?

Marc Schauer is someone special you might not know much about. He’s married to Laura Linney, a famous actress you might see in movies or on TV. But Marc is cool for lots of other reasons, too. He doesn’t work in film.

Instead, he helps people find houses as a real estate agent. That means if you or your family were looking for a new home, Marc could help you find the perfect place! Marc decided not to go to college right after school. Instead, he jumped into working, which worked well for him.

He loves his family a lot and likes to spend time with them away from the cameras and the busy world of Hollywood. You won’t find Marc posting many pictures online because he likes to keep his life private, which is like having a secret garden that only you and your family know about.

Marc Schauer

Real Name Marc Schauer
Nick Name Marc
Famous As Celebrity Husband
Age as of 2024 64-years old
Birthday April 5, 1960
Birthplace Telluride, Colorado USA
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Ethnicity Mixed
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Height approx. 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Weight approx. 68 Kg
Body Measurements approx. 44-32-38 inches
Biceps Size 23 inches
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Shoe Size 12.5
Spouse Laura Linney
Net Worth $1.5 million

Early Life and Education

When Marc Schauer was a little boy, he grew up in a place not too different from where you live. Imagine playing outside, having fun with friends, and going to school. That was Marc’s life, too! He didn’t grow up in a big, famous city but in a smaller place where everyone knew each other.

Marc went to school just like you as he got bigger and taller. He learned to read, write, and do math. But when it was time to decide about going to a big school called college, where grown-ups learn even more after they finish regular school, Marc made a different choice.

He decided that he didn’t want to go to college right away. Instead, he wanted to start working. Imagine if you got to jump right into doing what you love instead of attending school every day! That’s what Marc did. He didn’t wait; he just started his adventure early. Remember, everyone has their path to follow, just like Marc did.

Parents and Siblings

Imagine having a family where you share laughter, play games, and celebrate birthdays together. That’s a bit like Marc Schauer’s life with his family. Marc has a mom and a dad who love him very much. They were always there to cheer him up and cheer him on, no matter what he decided to do. When he was younger, just like you, he would have fun and sometimes get into mischief with his siblings.

Siblings are brothers and sisters who can be your best friends and sometimes your friendly rivals in board games or sports. Marc’s family was always special to him, like a cosy blanket that keeps you warm and safe. They taught him to be kind, share, and care for others.

Just like how your family teaches you important things, Marc learned a lot from his family. We don’t know their names or all the details, like what games they liked to play, but it’s clear that Marc’s parents and any brothers or sisters he might have helped make him the person he is today. A person who loves his family, just like you love yours!

Wife and Girlfriend

Marc Schauer is married to Laura Linney, who is like a star in movies. Imagine someone who tells stories by pretending to be different people on TV; that’s what Laura does. Marc and Laura are like a team; they care for each other and share much love.


They met long ago and decided they wanted to be together always, like in fairy tales. They also have a child, which means Marc is not just a husband but also a dad. Being a dad is an important job, and Marc loves it very much. They are like a small, happy team at home.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Marc Schauer is a man who grew up just like trees grow tall in the forest. He is now 64years old, which means he has celebrated his birthday 64times! Imagine having 64 birthday cakes; that’s a lot of candles to blow out! People often wonder how tall Marc is or how much he weighs, just like when you try to guess how tall a tree is in your backyard.

Marc is quite tall, standing at about 5 feet 10  inches  and his weight is 68 kg. That’s like stacking three 7-year-olds on top of each other! Marc takes good care of himself and has a nice smile that makes people feel happy when they see it. His hair is short, and he dresses very nicely in clothes that make him look smart when he goes to work or spends time with his family.

Even though you won’t see him in movies like his wife, Laura Linney, Marc still looks like someone you’d see in a storybook, with a kind face and friendly eyes that make you know he’s a good person.

Marc Schauer Career

Marc Schauer is like a superhero of houses. Instead of wearing a cape and flying, he uses his superpowers to help people find the perfect home where they can be happy and make memories. For example, when you build a fort out of pillows and blankets, Marc builds dreams by finding the best houses for families.

He talks to people to understand what they need, like a big backyard or a room just for toys, and then he goes on a mission to find it. Marc is good at his job, making him a real-life hero for many families looking for their perfect home.

Before fame

Before Marc Schauer became known for helping families find their dream homes, he was just like any other kid. Picture this: a young boy with big dreams, playing in the park and learning new things daily. He didn’t start famous or with a job right away. Marc was busy being a kid, having adventures in his neighbourhood, and figuring out what he liked to do.

It was sometimes about something other than selling houses or being in the spotlight. Just like how you might dream about becoming an astronaut or a teacher, Marc had dreams, too, and he worked hard to make them come true.

Social Media Presence

Marc Schauer likes to keep things like a hidden treasure map, especially on the internet, where everyone shares pictures and stories. You won’t see him posting selfies or what he ate for breakfast on Instagram or Twitter. Imagine having a secret clubhouse where only you and your closest friends are allowed; that’s how Marc treats his life online.

He prefers living in the moment with his family and finding homes for people in real life rather than sharing every detail on the web. So, if you’re looking for Marc online, you might find it a bit like a fun mystery game, but remember, some treasures are kept secret for a reason!

Marc Schauer Net Worth and Achievement

Marc Schauer is like a treasure hunter but finds people in their dream homes instead of looking for gold. Because he’s so good at this, he has earned a lot of gold coins himself! Imagine having a big piggy bank filled to the top; Marc’s piggy bank is pretty full because he helps many families.

People say that Marc’s piggy bank, or his “net worth,” is a big number, just like how many stars are in the sky at night. Besides his full piggy bank, Marc has achieved something really special – he’s made hundreds of families happy by finding them the perfect place to call home. His net worth is Approximately $1.5 million.

It’s like he’s a happy superhero, using his powers to make dreams come true. Marc doesn’t wear a cape, but he does have a big heart and a smile that shows he’s proud of the good he does in the world. Helping people and making them smile are some of the best achievements anyone can have.

Marc Schauer Legacy and Impact

Marc Schauer might seem like a regular dad and husband, but he has done something special that makes him stand out. Like superheroes in your favourite cartoons who save the day, Marc has a superpower, too.

His power is making families happy by finding them the perfect home where they can create beautiful memories together. This might not seem like a big deal initially, but having a place to feel safe and happy is very important. Whenever Marc helps a family, he brings more happiness to the world.

It’s like he’s planting seeds of joy that grow into big, smiling trees in people’s hearts. That’s how Marc makes a difference by helping one family at a time and making our world nicer.

Marc Schauer Hobbies

  • Marc loves to explore nature. Think about going on treasure hunts in the park, looking for bugs or cool leaves. That’s one of his favourite things to do.
  • He also enjoys reading stories, just like bedtime tales that take you on adventures to magical lands far away.
  • Playing board games with his family is a big deal for Marc. Imagine playing a game where you can be a knight or a wizard trying to save the kingdom.
  • Another hobby is drawing pictures of houses and dreaming up what the perfect home would look like. It’s like creating your castle on paper!

Marc Schauer Favorite Thing

  • Marc Schauer loves spending time with his family more than anything. Imagine having a super fun day with the people you love most, doing all your favourite things together.
  • He enjoys quiet moments at home, like cuddling up with his family, watching movies, or telling stories. It’s like having a sleepover party every night!
  • Going on adventures with his wife and child, maybe exploring a new park or finding a cool spot for a picnic, is a big highlight for him. Picture going on a treasure hunt with the people who make you laugh and smile the most.
  • Lastly, making his family happy makes Marc happy, too. It’s like sharing your favourite toy with your best friend and seeing them smile.


Is Marc Schauer famous?

Yes, but not like a movie star. He’s known because he’s married to Laura Linney, and he helps families find homes.

Did Marc go to college?

Nope, he started working right after school instead of attending college.

What does Marc like to do?

He loves exploring nature, reading stories, playing board games, and drawing pictures of houses.

Is Marc on TV like his wife?

No, Marc isn’t on TV. He works with houses and enjoys his time with his family away from cameras.


In the end, Marc Schauer is like a hero without a cape. He’s not just famous because he’s married to a star or on TV. Marc is special because he helps families find homes where they can be happy and make memories. He loves his family and enjoys nature, reading, playing games, and drawing.

Remember, like Marc, everyone has their own story and a way to help others. He shows us that being kind and making people smile is a superpower we can all have.


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