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ourney River Green

Journey River Green, the son of renowned Hollywood stars Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. Journey was born on August 4, 2016, in Los Angeles, California, and is 8 years old. He comes from a Christian family and shares his birth sign, Leo, with other famous personalities. Journey’s parents married in 2010 and sadly separated in 2020 after ten years of marriage.

Journey is the youngest of his three brothers, Bodhi, Noah, and Kassius, and is already making a name for himself in the spotlight at such a young age. With his famous parents and growing fan base, Journey will have a bright future. Stay tuned to learn more about Journey River Green’s age, career, family, net worth, and height as he continues growing and making his mark in the entertainment industry.

Who is Journey River Green?

Journey River Green is a little boy with a big smile and many people who love him. He was born on a sunny day in summer, which makes him a Leo – that means he’s like a little lion! His mom and dad are Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, who are famous. They act in movies and TV shows, which is pretty cool! Journey has three brothers, Bodhi, Noah, and Kassius, making their house full of fun and games.

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Even though Journey is still young, many people know his name because his parents are stars. But right now, Journey loves to play and learn new things every day, just like any other kid. Imagine having playdates and exploring with him! He’s growing up in a very sunny and pleasant Los Angeles. Being on a Journey means having lots of adventures ahead with his family by his side.

ourney River Green


Full name Journey River Green
Gender Male
Date of birth 4th of August, 2016
Place of birth Los Angeles, California, USA
Age 8 years old (As of 2024)
Zodiac sign Leo
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Eye colour Black
Hair colour Brown
Father Brian Austin Green
Mother Megan Fox

Early Life and Education

Journey River Green’s early days are full of fun and learning. He lives in a big, bright city called Los Angeles, where there’s always sunshine and many places to explore. Since Journey is still very young, he has yet to start attending a big kids’ school, but he is learning many cool things every day. Imagine knowing your ABCs or how to count to 10 with your mom and dad being famous actors! That must be pretty exciting.

Journey spends his days playing with his brothers, Bodhi, Noah, and Kassius. They probably have lots of toys and games to play with together. We have yet to find out his favorite book or game, but like many kids, he might love stories about adventures and heroes. Even though Journey is still little, he’s already starting on a grand adventure of learning and growing up with his family and friends by his side.

Parents and Siblings

Journey River Green has a pretty cool family. His mom, Megan Fox, and his dad, Brian Austin Green, are famous for being in movies and TV shows. Imagine your parents being movie stars! They were married for a long time before they decided to live apart. Journey isn’t the only kid in his family; he has three brothers!

Bodhi and Noah are his full brothers, and they all live together and have fun. Then, there’s Kassius, his half-brother, who also visits and plays with them. They must have a blast playing games and going on adventures. It’s like having your best friends living with you all the time! So, Journey’s family is big, loving, and a little famous. 

Journey River Green Games

Imagine having a treasure chest filled with games, from puzzles that make you scratch your head thinking to action-packed video games that take you on adventures in far-off lands. Journey River Green, with his brothers, has a magical world of play right at his fingertips. Please think of the fun they have, diving into games where they can be knights, astronauts, or even dinosaurs!

They might race cars around the living room or build tall towers with blocks, only to laugh as they tumble down. And with his family, every day is like a new level in a game, full of surprises and learning new things. Playing games isn’t just about winning or losing; it’s about spending time with your brothers and creating stories they will remember growing up.

So, while Journey is still very young, his life is already filled with the joy and excitement that games bring, teaching him about teamwork, imagination, and having fun, no matter what game is on the table.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Journey River Green, our little star, is seven years old since he was born on August 4, 2016. Being Eight means he’s probably lost some baby teeth, but he loves showing off his growing-up smile! His height is 4 feet and weight is round about 25kg , like all kids he grows a little bit every day. Imagine stretching up like a tree, reaching for the sky! The Journey has lovely features that make him stand out.

He might have inherited his mom’s striking eyes or his dad’s fabulous hair. Picture having hair that can be styled in fun ways for school or playdates! Plus, he’s always seen in colorful, fun clothes that match his lively personality. Everyone grows at their own pace, so Journey is perfect the way he is, growing up with lots of love and laughter around him.

ourney River Green

Journey River Green Career

Right now, Journey River Green is enjoying being a kid, which is his most important job! He’s not in movies or on TV like his mom and dad, but he’s learning and playing every day. Imagine spending your days exploring, playing, and having fun – that’s what Journey does!

He’s still very young, so he has lots of time to think about what he wants to be when he grows up. Maybe one day he’ll decide to be in movies like his parents or choose a completely different adventure.

Journey River Green Before fame

Before he was known by many, Journey River Green was a tiny baby with a big family full of love. He was just a little guy starting his life adventure. With his mom and dad being stars, he was born into a world where cameras flash and people smile at him. But before all that, he was cuddling, cooing, and taking baby steps.

His days were filled with play, laughter, and lots of hugs. Every day was a discovery, from the first words to the joyful dances. Like any other kid, Journey’s life began with simple, happy moments shared with his family.

Social Media Presence

Journey River Green is still too young to have social media accounts. He spends his time playing and learning rather than posting online. However, his mom and dad sometimes share pictures or stories about him on their accounts.

They show moments like Journey having fun with his brothers or celebrating a birthday. People love to see these snapshots of his life, even though Journey himself isn’t the one posting them. It’s a way for fans to peek into his world and all his adventures with his family.

Net Worth and Achievement

Journey River Green might be just a little kid, but he’s part of a super special family. His mom and dad are big stars in movies and TV shows, meaning they’ve saved up many pennies in their big piggy bank. The Journey doesn’t have a piggy bank filled with movie money because he’s still learning to tie his shoes and write his name in big letters!

But having fun, playing games, and spending time with his family are the best achievements a 8-year-old could have. Imagine getting gold stars for playing hide-and-seek or a trophy for the longest giggles! That’s like Journey’s achievements. Journey River’s parents net worth is aproximately $8 million.

Even though we can’t say how many gold coins are in Journey’s treasure chest, we know he’s rich in hugs, kisses, and bedtime stories. That’s what makes his life pretty unique right now.

Legacy and Impact

While Journey River Green is still a little boy, his story is just beginning. Imagine a book where the first pages are filled with fun, play, and love. That’s Journey’s life right now. He may not know it, but being himself brings smiles and joy to those around him.

His adventures with his family show us how vital happiness, togetherness, and love are. So, even though he’s very young, Journey’s impact is like a ripple in a pond, spreading joy and reminding everyone to cherish the simple moments with family.

Journey River Green Hobbies

Playing with Toys: Journey loves to play with various toys. He has fun cars, dinosaurs, and superheroes that he plays with to create his adventures.

Drawing and Coloring: He enjoys drawing and coloring pictures with bright, beautiful colors. It’s like magic seeing a picture come to life with color!

Outdoor Adventures: Going outside is a big deal for Journey. He likes to explore the backyard, go on nature walks, and play in the park.

Reading Stories: Even though he’s still young, Journey loves to listen to stories. Whether it’s a bedtime tale or a fun book in the afternoon, stories are a big part of his day.

Playing Games with Brothers: Journey has a lot of fun playing games with his brothers. They make up their games and sometimes play board games or video games together.

Learning New Things: Journey learns something new every day. It could be a new word, how to count higher, or even learning about animals and planets. Learning is a big adventure for him.

Journey River Green Favorite Thing

Ice Cream Adventures: Journey loves trying different flavors of ice cream. Strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla are his top picks!

Superhero Stories: He’s fascinated by superheroes. Watching superhero movies and pretending to be one with his brothers is a big highlight.

Animal Friends: Journey enjoys learning about animals, especially dinosaurs and lions. He thinks it’s cool to roar like a lion.

Beach Days: Splashing in the water and building sandcastles at the beach make him super happy.

Interesting Facts About Journey River Green

Born in Sunshine: Journey was born in sunny Los Angeles, which matches his bright smile!

A Leo Lion: Being a Leo, Journey is like a little lion, full of courage and fun.

Big Family: He has three brothers, making every day an adventure.

Famous Parents: His mom and dad are movie and TV stars!

Learning Every Day: Even though he’s young, Journey continuously learns new things, like words and counting.

Loves to Play: Playing games and exploring are some of his favorite activities.


Who is Journey River Green?

He’s a little boy whose mom and dad are famous. He has fun playing and learning new things every day.

How old is Journey?

He’s 8 years old!

Does Journey go to school?

He learns a lot at home and will attend a big school soon!

Who are Journey’s brothers?

He has three brothers: Bodhi, Noah, and Kassius. They all play and have fun together.

What are some things Journey likes to do?

He loves playing with toys, drawing, going on outdoor adventures, and listening to stories.

What’s Journey’s favorite food?

He likes ice cream in different flavors, like strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla.

Is Journey in movies or TV shows?

Not right now. He’s enjoying being a kid and having fun with his family.


Journey River Green is having the best time being Eight years old! Every day with his family and friends is a new adventure filled with games, laughter, and learning. Whether playing with his brothers, listening to stories, or exploring outside, Journey’s life is full of happiness.

As he grows up, so many more fun times and discoveries are waiting for him. Remember, it’s important to enjoy being young, like Journey, finding joy in the little things and loving the big family adventures.


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