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Mary Sohn

Mary Sohn is an accomplished actress and writer who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Born on 7 Nov, 1986, in the USA, Mary is currently 38 years old and has American nationality. She comes from a family of achievers, with her father being a pharmacist and her mother an ESL teacher.

Growing up, Mary had a close bond with her two siblings, one of whom is now a pharmacist. Despite pursuing a medical degree, Mary’s passion for acting led her to switch to a career in Theatre Theatre. She gained recognition for her role as Jan Keller in the movie “The Boss” and has since continued to make a mark in the industry.

In her free time, Mary enjoys cracking jokes and making people laugh. With her talent and hard work, Mary has undoubtedly achieved a successful career and will continue captivating audiences.


Who is Mary Sohn?

Mary Sohn is a very talented lady who also acts in movies and writes stories. Imagine being able to pretend to be someone else in a film and also create fun stories! That’s what Mary does. She was born in 1986, which might seem like a long, long time ago. She lives in a place where lots of people dream of going: the USA. Mary has a pretty cool family.

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Her dad knows a lot about medicine because he’s a pharmacist, and her mom teaches English to kids who speak other languages. She’s not the only kid in her family; she has brothers and sisters she played with when she was little, just like you might play with your friends or siblings. Even though Mary started learning about medicine, she discovered she loved acting and storytelling more.

So, she decided to follow her heart and become an actress and writer. She played a character named Jan Keller in a movie called “The Boss,” and many people liked her in that role. Mary also wants to make people laugh, which is excellent and enjoyable.

Mary Sohn


Full Name: Mary Sohn
Born Date: 7 Nov 1986
Age: 38 years
Horoscope: Taurus
Lucky Number: 8
Lucky Stone: Emerald
Lucky Color: Green
Best Match for Marriage: Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn
Gender: Female
Profession: Actress, Writer
Country: USA
Height: 5 feet 8 inches (1.73m)
Weights: round about 70kg
Marital Status: single
Net Worth $1.5million US
Salary $50,529 US
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brunette
Nationality American
Ethnicity Korean

Early Life and Education

When Mary Sohn was a little girl, she lived in a house filled with love and laughter. She was born in a big country called the USA. Mary wasn’t alone; she had fun playing with her brothers and sisters. Imagine having playmates right in your own home! Mary’s mom and dad were brilliant people. Her dad helped people feel better with medicine, and her mom taught kids how to speak English.

Mary went to a school where she learned a lot of things. At first, she thought she wanted to be like her dad and help sick people by learning about medicine. So, she started going to a particular school called Medical College. But Mary had a big secret dream. She loved to act and tell stories.

One day, she decided to follow her dream. She changed her school subjects from medicine to something called Theatre Theatre. That’s where people learn how to be actors and put on shows. Mary knew it was the right choice because it made her super happy. She learned how to pretend to be different characters and make people laugh. 

Parents and Siblings

Mary Sohn grew up in a family where her mom and dad were super intelligent and caring. Her dad knew a lot about medicine because he was a pharmacist. He could tell which medicine could make you feel better when sick. Her mom had a big heart and taught English to kids who came from other places and needed to learn the language, like a superhero for words!

Mary wasn’t the only kid at home. She had fun with her brothers and sisters, playing games and sharing jokes. One of her sisters even followed in their dad’s footsteps and became a pharmacist. That’s pretty cool. In Mary’s home, there was never a dull moment.

They all shared lots of love and laughter, making every day a fun adventure. Whether playing hide and seek or telling stories, Mary and her siblings always had a blast together. It sounds like an entertaining and intelligent family to grow up in!

Husband and Boyfriend

Mary Sohn likes to keep her life private, like a secret garden. So, we are curious to know if she has a special someone, like a prince from a fairy tale or a best friend she shares her heart with. Just like in stories where heroes and heroines have adventures, Mary might have her own love story, but she chooses to keep it as her little mystery. That’s okay because everyone can have secrets, especially about heart matters.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Mary Sohn is like a character from your favorite storybook, with unique looks and magic. Imagine she’s 38 years old, like if you count all your fingers and toes over and over until you reach 38! Her height is 5 feet and 8 inches. she weighs is round about 70kg , like how a magician never tells her how they do their tricks.

But we do know that Mary has a big, bright smile that lights up any room she enters, just like the sun shining on a clear day. Her eyes sparkle with laughter and fun, making you feel part of her adventures. It’s as lovely as the mane of a proud, beautiful horse galloping in the wind.

Mary Sohn has a way of looking just right, whether acting in a movie or writing an incredible story. She’s got that special something that makes you want to watch and listen, enchanted, as she shares her talent with the world.

Mary Sohn

Mary Sohn Career

Mary Sohn is like a magic painter, but instead of paint, she uses her acting and writing skills to create stories. She first became famous for playing a character named Jan Keller in a movie called “The Boss.” Imagine wearing a costume and pretending to be someone else in front of a camera; that’s what Mary does!

She acts in movies and writes stories that make you laugh or feel excited. Mary’s job is like being a storytelling superhero, using her talents to bring joy and adventure to people who watch her movies or read her stories.

Mary Sohn Before fame

Mary Sohn was once a little girl just like you! She loved to play and laugh with her brothers and sisters. At first, she thought she wanted to be like her dad and help people by learning about medicine. But inside her heart, she secretly loved acting and telling stories.

So, she switched from studying medicine to Theatre Theatre, where she could learn to be in plays and movies. It was a big, brave step toward making her dreams come true.

Social Media Presence

Mary Sohn loves sharing bits of her life and funny moments on Instagram and Twitter. It’s like a magical window where you can peek into her adventures, see the people she meets, and the funny things she finds. Imagine posting a picture or a short story and having lots of friends worldwide see it and smile.

That’s what Mary does online. She uses her social media to spread happiness, like acting in movies or writing stories. She doesn’t share everything, but what she does share is sure to make you giggle or feel warm inside.

Net Worth and Achievement

Mary Sohn has done amazing things in movies and writing stories that make us laugh and happy. Even though we don’t know precisely how many coins she has in her treasure chest, people think she has collected a lot because she’s good at what she does.

Making people smile and enjoy her movies and books is a significant achievement. Just like when you complete a puzzle or win a game, Mary feels proud and happy with all the cool things she has done.

Legacy and Impact

Mary Sohn has done something extraordinary, like leaving footprints in the sand. When you help a friend, and they smile, Mary’s acting and stories make many people happy. She’s like a superhero in movies and books, using her powers to spread joy and laughter.

Because of her, people forget about being sad or worried when they watch her films or read her stories. Mary’s footprints are all about making the world a cheerier place, and that’s a beautiful kind of magic to share.

Mary Sohn Hobbies

  • Mary loves telling jokes to make her friends and family laugh. Imagine being the funniest person at a party!
  • She enjoys watching movies. It’s like going on adventures without leaving home.
  • Mary also likes writing stories, creating worlds where anything can happen.
  • Playing games with her brothers and sisters, from board games to hide and seek, is super fun for her.
  • She’s curious about learning new things, like being a detective in the world of knowledge.

Mary Sohn Favorite Thing

  • Mary loves the color blue because it reminds her of the sky on a sunny day.
  • Ice cream is her favorite treat, especially chocolate flavor.
  • She enjoys watching cartoons, just like you might on Saturday mornings.
  • Mary’s favorite book is about magical adventures in faraway lands.
  • Playing with her pet dog in the park makes her very happy.
  • She likes to listen to music and dance around her living room.
  • Drawing pictures of her dreams is something she loves to do after dinner.

Interesting Facts About Mary Sohn

  • Mary used to think she would be a doctor like her dad, but then she became an actress and writer.
  • She can make hilarious faces that will make you laugh out loud.
  • Mary has an extensive collection of hats – she wears a different one for each day of the week!
  • She once played a character who was super good at baking cakes, and now she loves trying new cake recipes at home.
  • Mary loves to draw cartoons, and she even created a character named “Benny the Brave Banana.
  • She’s not just good at acting; Mary can also sing and play the ukulele.


What does Mary Sohn do?

She acts in movies and writes fun stories!

How old is Mary?

She’s like 38 big birthday cakes tall!

Who is Mary’s family?

She has a super smart dad, a caring mom, and playful brothers and sisters. One sister knows a lot about medicine, just like her dad!

Did Mary always want to be an actress?

Nope! She first wanted to learn about medicine but decided acting and writing stories were her true dreams.

What’s Mary’s favorite thing to do?

She loves making people laugh, watching movies, writing stories, and playing games!

Does Mary have any pets?

She loves playing with her pet dog in the park.

Can Mary do other cool things?

Yup! She can make funny faces, sing, play the ukulele, and even draw cartoons like “Benny the Brave Banana.


Mary Sohn is super talented, like a real-life superhero in movies and books. She can act and write stories that make everyone happy. She decided to follow her dreams, which shows us it’s okay to change your mind about what you want to be when you grow up. Mary’s family is essential to her.

They play games, tell jokes, and have lots of fun together. Even though she keeps some things secret, like if she has a special someone, that’s fine. Everyone can have little secrets. Mary loves doing fun things like making people laugh, watching movies, writing stories, and playing with her dog in the park.

She teaches us it’s cool to learn new things and to always share smiles and laughter with others. Remember, just like Mary, you can dream big and make those dreams come true by being kind, funny, and super creative!


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