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Dwayne Carter III

If you’re a fan of Lil Wayne, you may have heard of his son, Dwayne Carter III. At just 7 years old, Dwayne is already following in his father’s footsteps as a talented musician and athlete. He was born on October 22, 2008, and was named after his famous father. Despite his young age, Dwayne has already shown a passion for both music and sports, thanks to his father’s influence. However, he also has his own unique qualities that make him stand out.

Dwayne’s parents, Lil Wayne and radio host Sarah Vivian, may no longer be together, but they continue to support their son and his talents. As he grows up, Dwayne’s net worth and height are sure to increase, making him a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. Keep an eye out for this young star, as he continues to make a name for himself in the shadow of his legendary father.

Who is Dwayne Carter III ?

Dwayne Carter III is a special little boy who has a very famous dad. His dad is known as Lil Wayne, a big music star. Dwayne was born on a day when leaves change color, October 22, back in 2008. This makes him a young kid full of dreams and fun. Imagine having a dad who sings and dances on big stages! That’s Dwayne’s life.

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Even though he is young, Dwayne is learning to love music just like his dad. He also likes to play sports. It’s like having the best of both worlds! His mom, Sarah Vivian, used to talk on the radio and share cool stories with lots of people. Now, Dwayne is starting to make his own stories.

Dwayne’s parents aren’t together anymore, but they both cheer him on. They help him learn new things, whether it’s in music, sports, or school. Dwayne is growing up to be a brave and smart boy, and many people are excited to see all the great things he will do. He has a big smile that can light up a room and a heart full of joy.

Dwayne Carter III


Full Name Dwayne Michael Carter III
Famous as Son of Lil Wayne’s
Nickname Dwayne Carter III
Dwayne Carter III Birth Date October 22nd, 2008
Age 16 Years Old
Birthplace Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America
Father’s Name Dwayne Michael Carter Jr
Dwayne Carter III Mother’s Name Sarah Vivian
Siblings Reginae Carter (Sister) Kameron Carter (Brother) Neal Carter (Brother)
Spouse Not Available
Children Not Available
Education Not Available
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Sexuality Straight
Zodiac Sign Libra
Gender Male
Marital Status Single
Height Not Available
Weight Not Available
Body Measurements Not Available
Shoe Size Not Available
Dress Size Not Available
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Profession Not Available
Net Worth $170k


Early Life and Education

Dwayne Carter III goes to school like any other kid. He loves learning new things and playing with his friends. School is a big adventure for him, where he gets to draw, read stories, and solve puzzles. Sometimes, he even shares about his music and sports with his classmates. His teachers say he’s very curious and always ready to learn something new. Every day, Dwayne gets to discover the world more, just like exploring a big, exciting map filled with treasures.

Parents and Siblings

Dwayne Carter III has a dad named Lil Wayne, who sings songs and performs on big stages. His mom, Sarah Vivian, used to talk on the radio to lots of people. Even though Dwayne’s mom and dad are not together, they both love him very much and help him learn new things.

Dwayne also has brothers and sisters who share the same dad. They all have fun together, playing games and sharing stories. Dwayne’s family is big, caring, and full of laughter, making his life an exciting adventure with people who love him a lot.

Wife and Girlfriend

Dwayne Carter III is still a young kid, just starting to explore the big world around him. He’s busy learning in school, playing sports, and maybe trying out some music like his dad. At his age, making friends and having fun is the most important thing. There’s plenty of time later in life for grown-up stuff like dating. Right now, Dwayne enjoys being a kid, with adventures waiting around every corner and dreams just waiting to be dreamed.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Dwayne Carter III is a young star with lots of energy! He turned 16 years old in October 2024. Being a growing boy, his height 5feet 3 inches and weight 55kg change a lot because he’s getting taller and stronger every day, just like a superhero! We don’t have the exact numbers, but imagine him a little taller than the last time you saw a picture or a video of him.

Dwayne has a big, bright smile that lights up any room, and he often wears cool clothes that might remind you of his dad, Lil Wayne.


His skin is smooth, and he has a sparkle in his eyes that shows he’s always ready for a new adventure. Dwayne’s hair is neat, and he styles it in fun ways that look cool. Remember, every time you see a photo of Dwayne, he might look a bit different because he’s growing up just like you!

Dwayne Carter III Career

Dwayne Carter III is still very young, but he’s starting to show interest in music and sports, just like his dad, Lil Wayne. He loves to play around with musical instruments and might even write his own songs one day. When he’s not making music, Dwayne enjoys playing sports, which helps him learn about teamwork and having fun.

Although he’s not a famous musician or athlete yet, Dwayne is practicing hard. Maybe we’ll see him on a big stage or scoring a winning goal in the future. For now, he’s enjoying learning and playing just like any kid.

Dwayne Carter III Before fame

Before he became known because of his dad, Dwayne Carter III was just a regular kid. He liked playing with toys, running around the park, and laughing a lot. His world was full of fun, games, and lots of love from his family. Dwayne’s life was simple but happy, filled with bedtime stories and dreams of big adventures. He didn’t know about cameras or stages yet. Instead, his days were about playdates and being curious about everything around him.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Dwayne Carter III is from a place called the United States, which means he is American. Just like a puzzle has different pieces, people come from different backgrounds that fit together to make who they are. Dwayne’s dad, Lil Wayne, is African American, which is a part of Dwayne’s story too.

This makes Dwayne a blend of wonderful histories and cultures, showing us how everyone’s unique story is important. It’s like having a special recipe that makes you, you!

Social Media Presence

Dwayne Carter III might be too young for his own social media accounts, but sometimes he pops up on his mom or dad’s pages. They love to show how proud they are of him, whether he’s playing sports, trying out music, or just smiling big! It’s like a sneak peek into his adventures.

When they share pictures or videos, it’s like Dwayne is saying hello to everyone, showing us bits of his day. Remember, to see these fun moments, you might need to check out his mom and dad’s social media.

Net Worth and Achievement

Dwayne Carter III is still very young, so talking about his net worth is like trying to guess the end of a story we just started reading. Unlike grown-ups who work jobs to earn money $170k, Dwayne’s main job right now is learning and having fun in school. As for achievements, think of him like a superhero in training, learning new powers every day.

He hasn’t won big trophies yet, but every new thing he learns is a big win for him. So, while we can’t count his riches in dollars, Dwayne is rich in learning and fun adventures.

Legacy and Impact

Dwayne Carter III is still writing his story, so it’s early to talk about his legacy. But, just by being himself, he shows everyone that being kind, trying new things, and having fun are super important. He might be a little kid, but he’s already making a big impact by inspiring other kids to chase their dreams and be happy. Dwayne’s adventure is just starting, and he’s teaching us all to smile and enjoy the journey.

Dwayne Carter III Hobbies

  • Playing with toys that make music: Dwayne loves to make sounds and melodies, just like magic!
  • Running and jumping outside: He enjoys feeling the wind as he races around, pretending he’s a superhero.
  • Drawing pictures: With lots of colors, Dwayne creates worlds where anything can happen.
  • Learning new sports: Whether it’s throwing a ball or running fast, Dwayne is always eager to try something fun.
  • Listening to music: Just like his dad, music fills Dwayne’s days with joy and dance moves.

Dwayne Carter III Favorite Thing

Playing Music: Dwayne loves playing with instruments, making up his own songs.

Sports: He enjoys playing sports, especially the ones his dad likes too.

Video Games: Dwayne has fun playing video games, going on adventures in the game world.

Hanging Out with Family: Spending time with his mom, dad, and siblings is super important to him.

Drawing: He likes to draw pictures, creating colorful stories on paper.

Listening to Stories: Dwayne enjoys listening to stories, whether they’re read by his parents or in books.

Interesting Facts About

  • Dwayne was born when the leaves turn pretty colors, in October.
  • He shares his name with his daddy, making them both Dwaynes.
  • Likes making music, maybe one day he’ll sing a song for us.
  • Enjoys playing sports, running fast, and jumping high.
  • Has a big family with brothers and sisters to play with.
  • Sometimes, you can see his smile in pictures his mom or dad share online.
  • Dwayne is learning lots of new things every day, just like you.

Dwayne Carter III FAQs

How old is Dwayne Carter III?

He’s 15 years old now.

Who is his dad?

His dad is Lil Wayne, a famous music star.

Does he like music or sports more?

Dwayne enjoys both music and sports, just like his dad.

Has he made any music?

Not yet, but he loves playing with musical instruments.

Does Dwayne go to school?

Yes, he goes to school and loves learning new things.

Who is his mom?

His mom is Sarah Vivian, who used to be on the radio.

Does Dwayne have any siblings?

Yes, he has brothers and sisters to play with.


In the big, wonderful world of Dwayne Carter III, every day is a new adventure filled with music, sports, and lots of learning. Just like a tiny seed that grows into a big, strong tree, Dwayne is growing up fast, finding out what he loves and sharing his big smiles with everyone.

With a dad like Lil Wayne and a mom like Sarah Vivian, Dwayne has lots of love and cool stories around him. Imagine being able to play music, run fast in sports, and still have time to dream big dreams. That’s Dwayne’s life, and it’s pretty awesome. He’s not just Lil Wayne’s son; he’s Dwayne Carter III, a young boy with his own big adventures ahead.

As he learns more, plays more, and grows up, we can’t wait to see the amazing things he will do. Remember, no matter how big he gets, right now, he’s enjoying being a kid, just like you.


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