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janet Surtees

Janet Surtees was a remarkable woman who spent her life helping others. She was a social worker and humanitarian, known for her involvement with the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation. Janet gained recognition not only for her philanthropy, but also for her marriage to the famous actor James Arness. Together, they made a lasting impact in both the entertainment industry and the world of advocacy.

Janet’s legacy is defined by her unwavering dedication to making a difference in the lives of those facing challenges, particularly those affected by cerebral palsy. She was a role model and inspiration for many, leaving behind a powerful legacy that continues to inspire others to this day.

Who is Janet Surtees ?

Janet Surtees is a special lady who spent a lot of her time helping people. She worked hard to make life better for those who have a tough time, especially people with something called cerebral palsy. That’s a condition that can make it hard for some people to move around easily.

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Janet cared a lot about these individuals and worked with a group called the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation to support them.She was also married to a man named James Arness, who was famous for acting in a TV show. They did a lot of good things together, trying to help as many people as they could.

Janet loved to help others and showed that by working hard and being kind, you can make a big difference in the world. She is remembered for all the good she did and the love she shared with everyone she met.

janet Surtees


Ethnicity Caucasian
Birth Country United States
Father Profession Pilot
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation straight
Horoscope Aquarius
Marital Status Married
Spouse James Arness
No Of Children 1
Date of Birth February 15,1947
Age (as of 2024) 77 years
Married Date December 16,1978

Early Life and Education

Janet Surtees was once a little girl just like any other. She went to school where she learned reading, writing, and lots of interesting things that helped her understand the world better. Growing up, Janet loved to help her friends and always wanted to make everyone smile. She worked hard in school because she knew education was important for helping others.

Janet’s teachers and classmates loved her because she was kind and always ready to lend a hand. Her journey in school taught her how to be a great friend and helper, which led her to do amazing things for people when she grew up.

Parents and Siblings

Janet Surtees grew up in a family just like yours or mine. She had a mom and a dad who loved her very much. They taught her to be kind and to help others. Janet also had brothers and sisters. Imagine playing games, sharing toys, and sometimes even arguing, but at the end of the day, they all cared for each other a lot. Her family was very important to her and helped her become the caring person she was.

Husband and Boyfriend

Janet Surtees had a special friend, James Arness, who became her husband. James was famous for being on TV, playing a cowboy in a show many people loved. They were like a team, doing lots of kind things together and helping other people.

Just like in fairy tales where princesses and princes join hands to do great deeds, Janet and James shared their life and love, working to make the world a better place. They showed everyone that by working together, you can spread a lot of happiness and help those in need.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Janet Surtees was a grown-up lady with a kind smile that could light up any room. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall . We often talk about how tall people are, or how much they weigh, but what’s really important is how they make us feel. Janet made people feel loved and cared for, no matter how tall she was or what the scale said. She had eyes that sparkled like stars when she laughed, and her hair was always neat, showing she took care of herself just like she took care of others. She was born on Feb 151947.

Just imagine your favorite teacher or a loving aunt, someone who feels warm and comforting to be around—that’s what it was like with Janet. What mattered most was her big heart, always ready to help and make the world a better place for everyone.

Janet Surtees  Career

Janet Surtees spent many of her days doing really important work to help people. When she became a grown-up, she chose to be a social worker. That means she was someone who listened and helped people solve their problems. Just like a superhero, she had a special mission. Janet worked with an organization called the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation.

Her job there was to make sure people with cerebral palsy had what they needed to live happy lives. She helped organize fun events, raised money so the organization could do its good work, and talked to lots of people about how they could help too.

Janet’s career was all about spreading kindness and making sure everyone, no matter what challenges they faced, felt loved and supported. She showed that with a big heart and a lot of hard work, you can change the world for the better.

Janet Surtees Before fame

Before Janet Surtees became known for helping lots of people, she was just like any other girl. She loved playing, learning, and spending time with her family. Even as a little kid, Janet wanted to make the world a nicer place. She would do sweet things like sharing her toys and helping her friends when they felt sad.

Janet always had a big heart, ready to care for others. This kindness she showed as a child led her to do amazing things for people all around the world when she grew up.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Janet Surtees comes from a place called the United States, which means she is American. America is a big country where people from all over the world come to live, so you meet lots of different people there. Janet’s family background, or ethnicity, is like a recipe that makes her unique, but it’s not the most important thing about her. What really matters is how she used her heart and hands to help others, showing kindness to everyone she met, no matter where they were from.

Social Media Presence

Janet Surtees wasn’t someone who used a lot of social media like some people do today. Instead of posting pictures or stories online, she spent her time doing things that helped others in real life. Janet liked talking to people face to face, listening to their stories, and finding ways to help them.

She showed her kindness and love through her actions every day, not on screens. So, if you’re looking for Janet on social media, remember, she shared her heart in the world in a different way.

Net Worth and Achievement

Janet Surtees worked really hard helping people and doing kind things. Even though we often hear about people having lots of money, what made Janet truly rich was her big heart. She won awards for her good work, like gold stars you get in school for being super helpful. Janet showed us that the best treasure isn’t money; it’s the love and help you give to others. Her life was full of big wins, not from games, but from making many people happy and the world a better place.

Legacy and Impact

Janet Surtees was like a superhero without a cape. She helped lots of people, especially those with cerebral palsy, feel happier and more loved. Imagine someone turning a sad face into a smile, that’s what she did. Because of Janet, there are more playgrounds where kids in wheelchairs can play and more people understanding.

How to be kind to everyone, no matter how different they are. She showed us that doing good things for others is a superpower we can all have. Janet’s story teaches us to care for each other and make the world a nicer place for everyone.

Janet Surtees Hobbies

  • Janet loved being outside in nature, taking long walks in the park where she could listen to the birds and feel the sunshine.
  • She enjoyed reading books that were full of adventures and learning new things about the world.
  • Painting was one of her favorite ways to relax, creating beautiful pictures with lots of colors.
  • Janet also liked cooking, making yummy treats and meals to share with her friends and family.
  • Playing board games was fun for her, especially on rainy days when she couldn’t go outside.

Janet Surtees Favorite Thing

  • Janet loved animals a lot, especially fluffy dogs and purring cats.
  • Her favorite color was blue, like the sky on a sunny day.
  • She enjoyed eating ice cream, with chocolate being her top choice.
  • Janet’s favorite place to visit was the beach, where she could play in the sand and listen to the waves.
  • She loved to watch movies that made her laugh and feel happy.
  • Reading storybooks to children was something she really liked doing.
  • Drawing pictures of nature, like trees and flowers, was her favorite way to create art.

Interesting Facts About

  • Janet loved to help people, just like superheroes do.
  • She worked with a group to help people who find moving around tough.
  • Janet was married to a cowboy from TV, and they did lots of kind things together.
  • Instead of playing on computers or phones, she liked to make real friends and help them.
  • She didn’t care about being famous on the internet; her actions in real life made her special.
  • Janet believed in sharing smiles and happiness, turning sad faces into happy ones.

Janet Surtees FAQs

Did Janet like animals?

Yes, she loved animals, especially dogs and cats.

What was Janet’s job?

She was a social worker helping people, especially those with cerebral palsy.

Who was Janet married to?

She was married to James Arness, a cowboy on TV.

Did Janet use social media a lot?

No, she liked to help people in real life more than being online.

What was Janet’s favorite color?

Her favorite color was blue.

What did Janet enjoy doing outside?

She loved taking long walks and being in nature.


Janet Surtees was a very special lady who showed everyone how to spread love and kindness. She helped many people, especially those who find moving around a bit tough. Janet taught us that being kind and helping others is super important, just like superheroes do.

She didn’t need to use social media to be famous; her kind actions spoke louder than any words on the internet. Janet loved nature, animals, and making the world a happier place for everyone. She reminds us that the biggest treasure is not money, but the love and help we give to others.

Janet’s story is like a beautiful book that teaches us how to care for each other and make the world a nicer place. She was truly amazing, like a star shining bright in the sky, guiding us to be kind and loving like her.


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