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Nikita Vanjara

Nikita Vanjara is an Indian casting director. She has been in the news. The news is about her controversial relationship with cricketer Murali Vijay. Born in 1990, she is currently 34 years old and is 5 feet 5 inches tall. Despite controversy surrounding her, Nikita has made a name for herself in entertainment. She did it through her successful career as a casting director. She comes from a loving family with over 1 million dollars net worth.

Who is Nikita Vanjara?

People know Nikita Vanjara for finding movie actors. Being a casting director involves this. She got into the news because she was in a special relationship with a cricket player named Murali Vijay.

Nikita was born in 1990, which makes her 34 years old now. She is about as tall as five stacks of large pizza boxes. People know her not for the news about her personal life but also because she is very good at her job in the movie world. She has a big family that cares about her a lot.

Nikita Vanjara

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Name: Nikita Vanjara
Age: currently 34 years old
Date of Birth: 1990
Birthplace: Manor, Palghar District, Maharashtra

Early life and education

Nikita Vanjara grew up in a place filled with love from her family. like you, she went to school when she was a little girl. Nikita liked to learn new things, play, and make friends. She worked hard in her classes and did her homework. People say she was a good student. After finishing school, she studied to learn more about the world. This helped her get ready for her job later, where she helped pick actors for movies.

Nikita Vanjara Real name

Everyone calls her Nikita Vanjara. But, her parents gave her a unique name at birth, like yours. Sometimes, people use different names when they grow up. This is especially true if they become famous or have a job in movies or sports.

But remember, many know her as Nikita Vanjara. That name holds many stories and memories, like your name does for you.

Current address

Nikita Vanjara lives in India. India is a big country with lots of people and beautiful places. She lives in a house or an apartment, but where exactly she lives is something only some know. People like to keep some things private, like where they live, to stay safe and comfortable. You might not tell a stranger where your secret spot is. Nikita only shares her exact address with some. But remember, India is her home, a place she loves.

Nikita Vanjara Nationality

Nikita Vanjara is from India. India is huge and has many people from different places who speak many languages. It’s known for its beautiful colors, yummy food, and many festivals. Because Nikita is from India, this makes her Indian.

like you might be from where you were born, that place is unique. For Nikita, being Indian is a part of who she is, like a piece of a puzzle that fits into the picture of her life.

Nikita Vanjara Age, height, weight

Nikita Vanjara was born in 1990, so she’s 34 years old. Imagine, that’s like if you counted all your fingers and toes together three times plus four more! She’s as tall as 5 feet 5 inches. Think of standing next to a refrigerator; that’s how tall she is!

We don’t know her exact weight 60kg. That’s okay, because everyone’s body is different and unique. What’s essential is that Nikita is healthy and happy. Remember, age, how tall you are, and weight are numbers that tell a little bit about you, but not everything.

Nikita Vanjara Parents

Nikita Vanjara grew up with her mom and dad, who loved her. They were always there to care for her, teach her right from wrong, and help her with homework. As your parents or guardians do for you, her mom and dad ensured Nikita felt happy and safe.

We don’t know their names or what they do for work, but they did a great job raising Nikita. They showed her how to be kind, work hard, and follow her dreams, which is essential.

Nikita Vanjara Siblings

Nikita Vanjara grew up not all by herself. She had brothers or sisters, who are called siblings. Like some kids have a brother to play soccer with or a sister to share secrets, Nikita had siblings to grow up with. They could have played games together. Also, They could have helped each other with homework. They may have even argued over who gets the last piece of cake.

But, most , they had each other’s back, like best friends. Having siblings means having someone who gets you. They’ve been with you since you were tiny.

Nikita Vanjara Husband/boyfriend

Murali Vijay married Nikita Vanjara. He plays cricket, a game like baseball but with different rules. Cricket is very popular in India, where they both come from. Sometimes, adults choose to end their marriage. They think it would make them happier. And that’s okay.

It’s essential for everyone to feel satisfied and loved. Nikita and Murali Vijay made headlines. Many people were talking about them due to their relationship. Now, Nikita continues to focus on her work and being the best she can be.

Nikita Vanjara Children

Nikita Vanjara is a mom, which means she has kids. like in your family, kids are essential to her. She spends time with them, plays games, and helps them learn new things every day.

Her children bring lots of smiles and fun into her home. Being a mom is a big job, but Nikita loves it. She makes sure her kids feel loved and happy. Every day, they create new memories together. imagine all the stories they have to tell!


Nikita Vanjara is a person many people are curious about, so they often look for her name on the internet. But, you might find a page about something else on Wikipedia. It’s an extensive online encyclopedia where you can learn about almost anything.

Even though she is famous and has done a lot of work, sometimes only some get their page on Wikipedia. But, you can still find bits of her story in other places on the internet. They are on pages about movies she’s helped make or about cricket, the sport her husband plays.

Presence on social media

Like many of us, Nikita Vanjara likes to share parts of her life online. She uses social media and apps where you can post pictures, talk about your actions, and see what friends are up to. You might find her sharing photos of fun places. She visits them with her family or at work.

It’s like a digital scrapbook where she keeps memories and talks with people who like her work. Remember, being kind and respectful online is very important, like in real life.

Nikita Vanjara Career

Nikita Vanjara is good at finding the right people to act in movies. Being a casting director is the name of this job. She looks at many people who want to be in the film, then picks the best ones to play the characters. It’s like choosing players for a team, ensuring everyone fits right.

Her work helps make movies exciting and fun because the actors do a great job. Nikita’s talent for picking actors has made her well-known in the movie world. She uses her eyes and ears to find the best talent, helping create stories people love seeing.

Nikita Vanjara Net worth

Nikita Vanjara has saved up more than 1 million dollars. Imagine having a giant piggy bank so full it can’t hold any more coins or bills! That’s like what Nikita has, but instead of a piggy bank, she keeps her money in a safe place like a bank.

She made this money by being good at her job, where she helped pick actors for movies. It’s much like when you do chores and save your allowance for something unique but on a much bigger scale.

Future Plans

Nikita Vanjara has big dreams for the future! For example, when you think about what you want to be when you grow up, Nikita thinks about her next big steps. She wants to keep finding amazing actors for movies so we all have fun stories to watch.

Nikita might also want to teach others how to do her job, sharing her secrets on picking the best stars. She plans to spend many happy times with her family, ensuring they laugh and play together. Every day is a chance for Nikita to do something great!


  • Nikita Vanjara likes to do fun things when she’s not working. Here are some of her hobbies:

  • Watching movies: She loves to see new stories on the big screen. It’s like going on adventures without leaving home.

  • Reading books: Nikita enjoys diving into books. It’s like finding a new friend in every story.

  • Traveling: She likes to visit new places and see different things. It’s like a treasure hunt around the world.

  • Cooking: Nikita loves making yummy food. It’s like magic when ingredients come together to make a delicious meal.

  • Playing with her kids: She has the best time playing games and being silly with her children. It’s like having a party every day.


Do you have questions about Nikita Vanjara?

Many do! People wonder if she’s in movies because she finds actors. No, she doesn’t act, but she’s super good at choosing actors.

Some ask how she became a casting director.

She loved movies a lot and worked hard to learn about picking the right actors.

Another common question is, does she like cricket as much as movies?

She enjoys cricket because of her connection to Murali Vijay.

, the kids want to know if she has pets.

We’re still unsure, but having a pet is always fun, right?


In the end, Nikita Vanjara is a talented lady who picks movie actors. She’s worked hard and loves what she does. With her family and friends by her side, she dreams big and makes those dreams come true. Nikita shows us that doing what you love and being kind can lead to amazing adventures. Remember, no matter what you enjoy doing or dream of becoming, you can make it happen like Nikita did. Keep learning, be kind, and always chase your dreams!


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