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MySweetApple is a name that has been making waves. She’s been in the adult entertainment world since her debut in 2017. MySweetApple was born on February 10th, 1994.She has a captivating on-screen presence. She also has an impressive portfolio of over 100 adult videos. This has won her a huge following on top adult platforms.

But there is more to this Spanish beauty than her work in the industry. She has become a popular figure among her fans. They are eager to know about her personal life, including her net worth, age, height, weight, family, and bio.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the details of MySweetApple’s life and career. We’ll give you an insight into the woman behind the screen. So, let’s explore the world of MySweetApple and find out all there is to know about this rising adult star in 2024.


Who is MySweetApple?

MySweetApple is a famous person who makes videos for grown-ups. She comes from Spain, a beautiful country in Europe. She was born on a chilly winter’s day, February 10, in 1994. Since she was young, she loved being in front of the camera. This love for the camera helped her to start making her own videos in 2017.

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She has made lots of videos, over 100! That’s like if you watched one of her videos every day, it would take you more than three months to see them all. MySweetApple shares her videos on big websites where many people can watch them. Many people around the world enjoy watching her videos. She is known for excelling in her work.

She’s also quite tall, like a basketball player, and has a smile that makes people happy. MySweetApple loves sharing her stories and adventures through her videos. She has made many friends because of her work. People from different places know who she is because she works very hard and is good at her job.

Name MySweetApple
Country Spain
Nationality Spanish
Ethnicity Latin
Gender Female
Date of Birth 10th of February 1994
Age 30
Weight in kilogram 55 kg
Occupation Porn Star
Height in inches 5 ft 9 inches
Relationship Status Single
Net worth $400k

Real name and ethnicity

MySweetApple is a special name she chose for her videos. Yet, it’s not her birth name. Everyone gets a name from their mom and dad at birth.Her ethnicity is Latin.MySweetApple got one too, but she keeps it for her close friends and family. It’s like having a secret superhero name that only you and your friends know! MySweetApple is from a country called Spain.

Spain is a place far away where they speak Spanish, and it has lots of history and beautiful places to see. People know Spanish people as individuals from Spain. So, MySweetApple is Spanish, and that’s part of her story. Like you might have a story that’s connected to where you and your family come from.

Early Life and Education

MySweetApple grew up in a sunny and beautiful part of Spain. When she was a little girl, just like you, she went to school every day. She liked learning new things. She liked playing with her friends. She even liked playing pretend. She liked imagining she was a star in her own stories. School is where kids learn about math and reading. They also learn about many interesting things about the world.

MySweetApple worked hard in school and liked to share her ideas. Even when she was young, she knew she loved being in front of people, telling stories or making them laugh. As she got older, she kept learning, always curious about new things. She shows us that learning can be a path to doing what you love when you grow up.

Parents and siblings

In the world of MySweetApple, there’s a story about the people who were there from the very beginning – her family. like you have a mom and dad, MySweetApple does too. They’re special people who helped her become the person she is today. We don’t know much about them, like their names or what they do.

MySweetApple likes to keep some things private, just for her family and close friends. It’s like having a secret garden that only you and your best friends know about. MySweetApple may have brothers or sisters. It’s like how some kids have siblings to play with, share secrets, or argue over toys. But she has siblings or is an only child.

She grew up with her family in Spain. They learned and experienced life together. Families are like teams. They support and care for each other. MySweetApple’s family is no different. They’re a big part of her story, even if we don’t see them in her videos.

Boyfriend/ Husband

MySweetApple keeps her heart matters as private as a secret treasure chest. like in fairy tales, princesses have princes. MySweetApple might have a special someone. But, she likes to keep that part of her story for herself. Remember, everyone has personal lives. This is true even for people in movies or on TV.

You might have a best friend that you share secrets with. MySweetApple might have a boyfriend or a husband, but she chooses to keep that secret safe. This shows us that some things are special and private, like a hidden garden that only you know about.

Age, height, weight, and figure

MySweetApple is special. She has been on many adventures since the day she was born. That day was in February 1994. This makes her 30 years old! Imagine all the birthday cakes and candles she’s seen! Standing tall like a tower, she reaches up to 175 cm, which is almost as high as when you stretch your arms way up to the sky.

When she steps on a scale, it shows that she weighs 122 pounds, kind of like if you filled a big backpack with lots of books. MySweetApple has a strong, fit body. It’s like a superhero from your favorite cartoons.

She’s like a real-life action figure. Her measurements are 36B-25-38. This means she’s balanced from her head to her toes. It’s like in stories where characters go on quests and grow. MySweetApple is tall, strong, and ready for adventures.

Before Fame

Before MySweetApple became famous, she was like any other girl growing up in Spain. She loved playing games, exploring outside, and dreaming about big adventures. Imagine a young girl with a big imagination, always curious and ready to learn new things.

She wasn’t always a star on the computer screen; first, she was a star in her own playful stories at home. She went to school, did her homework, and played tag and hide-and-seek with her friends. MySweetApple also liked to make her own little videos for fun.

She didn’t know that one day, many people all over the world would enjoy them. It’s like she was preparing for her big adventure without even knowing it. Like when you’re learning and playing now, who knows what amazing things you’ll do when you grow up!

MySweetApple Career

MySweetApple started making videos for grown-ups in 2017, and she became very good at it. Imagine playing your favorite game or doing what you love most and becoming famous for it! That’s what happened to her. She made over 100 videos, which is a lot! It’s like if you drew 100 pictures and everyone wanted to see them.

MySweetApple posts her videos on websites. Many people from all over the world can watch them there. She works very hard to make her videos fun and interesting, and that’s why so many people enjoy watching them.

It’s like when you work hard on a puzzle. You feel happy when it’s done. MySweetApple feels happy when she makes a new video. Her job is like a mix of playing and working at the same time!

MySweetApple Net Worth

MySweetApple has been very busy making videos that lots of people like to watch. She works hard. Many people enjoy her videos. So, she has saved a lot of money. It’s like when you save your allowance for something special. It’s like she has a big piggy bank that has grown over time. People think her piggy bank might have around $400,000 in it!

That’s a lot of money, like having enough to buy a huge mountain of toys or endless scoops of your favorite ice cream. But instead of spending it all at once, MySweetApple is smart. They keep saving, showing us it’s good to work hard and save for the future.

Famous Reason

The reason MySweetApple became so famous is pretty neat. Imagine making videos where you’re having fun, being yourself, and sharing stories. That’s what she did! She started making special videos for grown-ups in 2017. There, she could be super creative and share big smiles. People from all over the world liked watching her.

She made them feel happy and entertained. It’s like when you draw a picture or put on a play, and everyone claps for you. MySweetApple became a star. She shared her fun adventures and stories in her videos. She made lots of new friends who liked watching her.

Nationality and Religion

MySweetApple comes from a beautiful place called Spain, making her Spanish. Spain is known for its sunny beaches, yummy food, and fun festivals. You might come from a special place with its own stories and traditions. Spain is where MySweetApple’s story begins. When it comes to religion, it’s a personal topic, much like having a favorite color or book.

MySweetApple, like many people, might have beliefs that are important to her. But she likes to keep them personal, like a secret treasure. So, we’ve celebrated the wonderful mix of who she is, from her Spanish roots to her personal journey.

Legacy and Impact

MySweetApple has left a big mark in the world of adult movies. It’s like drawing a huge, colorful picture that everyone notices. She’s shown that being creative and sharing your unique self can lead to success. Just like when you build the biggest tower with blocks. Everyone says “wow.” People all over the world say “wow” when they see her work.

She’s helped people learn it’s okay to follow your dreams and be proud of what you make. She taught us all to shine like stars in our own special way. MySweetApple’s story is like a map. It shows us that we can reach for our dreams and make them come true, no matter what they are.

MySweetApple Future Plains

MySweetApple has big dreams for her future, just like when you imagine what you want to be when you grow up. She wants to keep making her fun videos because she loves sharing her adventures. MySweetHouse also thinks about trying new things. She might write a book about her travels or learn to paint.

She’s always dreaming of new ways to share smiles and stories with everyone. Imagine all the things you can do when you grow up. That’s how MySweetApple feels about her future plans. She’s always ready for a new adventure!

MySweetApple Hobbies

  • Playing with her dog in the park, she throws a ball and runs around
  • Taking pictures of the beautiful places she visits, such as beaches and mountains.
  • We’ve been cooking yummy foods from recipes around the world. We’ve been trying new spices and flavors.
  • Painting colorful pictures on large canvases, using a lot of bright colors.
  • Reading adventure books, we’ve gotten lost in stories about faraway lands and heroes.
  • Dancing to fun music, learning new moves, and grooving to the beat.
  • Gardening, planting flowers and watching them grow into a rainbow of colours.

Interesting Facts MySweetApple

  • MySweetApple can speak two languages. She knows Spanish and English. It’s like knowing the secret code to two different worlds!
  • She loves animals, especially fluffy dogs and colorful birds that sing in the morning.
  • MySweetApple has a big collection of hats from all the places she’s visited. It’s like a treasure chest of adventures!
  • She once made a video while on a rollercoaster! Imagine talking and laughing while zooming up and down and all around.
  • MySweetApple’s favorite snack is popcorn mixed with chocolate pieces. It’s a sweet and salty surprise in every bite!
  • She can play the guitar, strumming tunes that make you want to dance.
  • On her birthday, she always wishes for the same thing: more adventures!

MySweetApple FAQs

What does MySweetApple do?

She makes special videos for grown-ups.

Where is MySweetApple from?

She’s from Spain, a place with lots of sunshine and delicious food.

How tall is MySweetApple?

She’s as tall as a basketball player, 5’9”!

Does MySweetApple have any pets?

Yes, she loves playing with her dog in the park.

What are some things MySweetApple likes to do?

She enjoys painting, cooking, and taking photos of beautiful places.

Can MySweetApple speak more than one language?

Yes, she speaks Spanish and English.

What’s a fun fact about MySweetApple?

She once made a video while riding a roller coaster!

MySweetApple Conclusion

In the big world of movies for grown-ups, MySweetApple shines like a bright star. From Spain, with a big heart and a love for making videos, she’s shown everyone that being yourself is the best way to be. Imagine having a magic camera that turns your dreams into movies; that’s what she does every day. She’s ready for new adventures.

She’ll make more fun videos. And, she may create stories or paint. MyPromise is like a real-life explorer. They always find new ways to make people smile and share joy. She reminds us all to chase our dreams, be kind, and fill the world with joy, like she does.


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