jack Frankmore Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

jack Frankmore Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

Jack Frankmore is a famous American TikTok star who has gained a massive following for his snowboarding videos and entertaining dubs on the app. Born and raised in Reno, Nevada, Jack discovered his passion for snowboarding at a young age and has since become a well-known figure in the snowboarding community.

At just 17 years old, he has already achieved social media success and collaborated with brands like Shred Happy to create his own merchandise. In addition to his love for snowboarding, Jack has a strong interest in baseball and football. With his talent and dedication, Jack’s career will continue to grow, and we can’t wait to see what he achieves. Watch for Jack Frankmore as he takes the social media world by storm!

Who is Jack Frankmore?

Jack Frankmore is a young boy who loves snowboarding and sharing his incredible moves online. Imagine sliding down snowy hills on a board, doing flips and twists; that’s what Jack does well! He lives in Reno, Nevada, where there’s lots of snow for him to practice. Jack is not just about snowboarding; he also likes to play baseball and football.

I think of him as someone who loves being outdoors, playing sports, and having fun. Jack also makes videos where he pretends to sing along to popular songs, which many people find funny and entertaining. Plus, he’s created his clothing with the help of a company named Shred Happy. Imagine wearing a t-shirt or hoodie designed by your favourite snowboarder; that’s pretty cool.

Jack started showing his snowboarding videos in March 2021, and since then, many people have started to follow him to see his incredible stunts and fun videos. He’s like a superstar on the internet for people who love snowboarding and entertaining videos.

jack Frankmore


Real Name/Full Name Jack Frankmore
Profession TikTok Star
Famous TikTok Star
Age 17 Years as of 2024
Date Of Birth/ Birthdate February 3,2007
Birthplace Reno, Nevada
Birth Sign Aquarius
Nationality/From Nevada
Gender Male

Early Life and Education

Jack Frankmore grew up in a snowy place called Reno in Nevada, where big mountains are covered with snow. Since he was a little boy, Jack loved snowboarding. Imagine sliding down huge snowy hills; that was Jack’s playground! He also went to school in Reno, where he made many friends.

Jack loved learning, especially when he could talk about sports. Even in class, he dreamt about playing in the snow. Jack’s love for snowboarding started when he was very young, just like some kids love playing with toys.

Parents and Siblings

Jack Frankmore has a family who loves him very much. He has a mom and dad who always cheer for him when he does his snowboarding tricks. They are very proud of him. Jack also has a brother or sister, but he likes to keep them away from the camera so they can have an everyday life.

His family lives in Reno, Nevada, where they enjoy playing in the snow together. Jack’s family is very supportive, encouraging him to do his best in snowboarding and school.


Jack loves playing games, not just on the snow but also on the field! He enjoys baseball and football, running around and catching the ball with his friends. When Jack isn’t snowboarding down snowy mountains, you might find him swinging a baseball bat, trying to hit a home run.

Throwing a football, aiming for a touchdown. These games are super fun for Jack because they keep him active, and he loves being part of a team. He likes snowboarding and shows his excellent skills in these sports, too!

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Jack Frankmore is a 17-year-old boy with a big smile and bright eyes that sparkle when he talks about snowboarding. He’s about as tall as your dad might be, standing at 5 feet 9 inches. Even though Jack is still growing, he’s strong and fit because he loves being active outdoors, playing sports like baseball, football, and snowboarding.


Jack weighs about the same as three big bags of dog food, around 65 kg. This helps him stay quick and agile when darting down snowy slopes or catching a football. His hair is as brown as the trunk of a tree, and it often looks like he’s just taken off a snowboarding helmet, all messy and wild.

Jack’s friendly face makes it seem like he’s always ready for an adventure or to share a laugh with his friends. Remember, Jack is just like any other kid who loves to play and have fun, except he also does fantastic snowboarding tricks that he shows to the world.


Jack Frankmore is like a superhero on a snowboard. He started sharing his snowboarding adventures on the internet in March 2021. That’s when he began to become famous. People worldwide watch him zoom down snowy mountains and do cool flips in the air. Because he’s so good at snowboarding and making fun videos, a company named Shred Happy asked him to help make clothes.

Now, people can wear t-shirts and hoodies that Jack helped design. It’s like wearing a superhero costume! Jack loves snowboarding so much that he turned it into his job. Imagine playing in the snow every day and calling it your job! 

He practices a lot and learns new tricks to show everyone. Jack’s snowboarding videos are not just fun; they inspire other kids to follow their dreams. He shows that if you love something and work hard, you can make your dreams come true, just like he did with snowboarding.

Jack Frankmore Before fame

Before Jack became famous for his snowboarding videos, he was just a regular kid who loved playing in the snow. Every winter, Jack couldn’t wait to put on his snowboard and slide down the snowy hills near his home. He played baseball and football with his friends, running around and having fun.

Jack always had a big smile on his face, especially when he was doing something exciting outdoors. Even before everyone knew him from the internet, Jack had adventures and enjoyed every moment of playing in the snow.

Social Media Presence

Jack Frankmore is popular on the internet. He has many friends on TikTok and Instagram who love watching his snowboarding tricks and funny videos. Imagine having so many people wanting to see what you do every day! That’s what happens with Jack.

He started showing everyone his snowboarding fun in March 2021; now, many kids and grown-ups watch his videos. They smile, laugh, and get excited to see Jack slide down snowy hills and pretend to sing songs. Jack loves sharing his adventures online, making everyone happy.

Net Worth and Achievement

Jack Frankmore is good at what he does: sliding down snowy hills on his snowboard and making cool videos. Because he’s so good, many people like to watch him, and that’s helped him make some money. Imagine having enough money to buy a massive mountain of your favourite ice cream; that’s how successful Jack is!

His net worth is aproximately $600k. He also got to work with a company called Shred Happy to create clothes that people can wear. It’s like if you drew a picture and then everyone wanted to wear your picture on their shirts because they liked it so much. Jack is still young, but he’s already doing big things!

Jack Frankmore Legacy and Impact

Jack Frankmore is like a trailblazer on a snowboard, showing kids everywhere that following your dreams can lead to incredible adventures. By sharing his love for snowboarding online, Jack inspires others to go outside and try new things, whether snowboarding, baseball or even singing!

His cool videos and fun spirit help everyone believe they can be superstars. Jack shows us that doing what you love not only makes you happy but can also spread joy to people around the world.

Jack Frankmore Hobbies

  • Jack loves to play in the snow, making fantastic shapes and slides with his snowboard.
  • When there’s no snow, he enjoys hitting a baseball far or throwing a football with friends.
  • Jack likes to make funny videos where he pretends to sing along to his favourite songs.
  • Drawing new designs for his clothing line is another fun activity for him.
  • Jack always looks forward to exploring the outdoors and finding new places to have adventures.

Jack Frankmore Favorite Thing

  • Jack loves snowboarding the most. He enjoys going super fast down big, snowy hills.
  • Playing with his friends in the snow, making incredible jumps.
  • Jack also likes hitting home runs in baseball and scoring touchdowns in football.
  • Drawing pictures for his excellent clothing line is fun for him.
  • He loves listening to music and pretending to sing along to his favourite songs.
  • Exploring new places outside, finding adventures everywhere he goes.

Interesting Facts About Jack Frankmore

  • Jack started snowboarding when he was very young, almost like when you start first grade.
  • He has a secret talent: he can draw cool pictures, which he uses for his clothing line.
  • Jack’s favourite snack after snowboarding is a giant, yummy chocolate chip cookie.
  • He once made a snowboard jump so big that his friends called it “Jack’s Giant Leap.”
  • Jack loves animals, especially dogs, and he wishes to have a big dog to play with in the snow.


How old is Jack?

Jack is 17 years old.

Where does Jack live?

He lives in Reno, Nevada, where there’s lots of snow.

What sports does Jack like?

He loves snowboarding, baseball, and football.

Did Jack make his clothes?

Yes, he made cool clothes with Shred Happy.

When did Jack start on TikTok?

He started sharing videos in March 2021.

What does Jack like to do for fun?

He loves playing in the snow and making videos.

Does Jack have a pet?

He wishes to have a big dog to play with in the snow.


Jack Frankmore is like a snowboarding superhero who shares his adventures with the world. He’s only 17 years old, but he’s done so many cool things! Jack loves to play sports like baseball and football, too, and he’s super good at making people smile with his videos. Plus, he even designs his clothes like a piece of art!

Jack shows us that you can make your dreams come true if you love something and work hard. Whether flying down snowy hills or creating funny videos, Jack is about having fun and inspiring others. So, let’s keep watching and cheering for him as he slides and jumps into more amazing adventures. Jack is showing everyone how awesome following your dreams can be!


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