What was Geralt’s Last Wish? (The Witcher)

The Witcher

The Last Wish is not only the final short story in the very first Witcher book, it is also the title of that book. So the last wish is very, very important. And although fan shave debated what it is for almost three decades, it’s not really a debate anymore. In the Last Wish short story, Geralt fell in love with Yennefer.

The djinn were about to kill Yennefer, but Geralt had one last wish to make. Since the djinn could not kill Geralt, Geralt had to think of a wish that would tie his fate to hers so that the djinn could not kill her. Geralt thought of something. He made the last wish, and the djinn flew off.

In the show, Yennefer asked Geralt what he wished for. But in the books, Yennefer heard what Geralt wished for, and she told him a few things. First off, she asked Geralt: “What made you do it Geralt? Why me?” Yennefer also said quote: “Your wish … I don’t know whether such a wish can ever be fulfilled. I don’t know whether there’s such a Force in Nature that could fulfil such a wish. But if there is, then you’ve condemned yourself.. ”So what did Geralt wish for? Geralt wished for Yennefer to be the mother of his child.

That is why she asked him quote: “Why me?” And that is why she said that she did not know whether there was such a Force in Nature that could fulfil such a wish. Because Yennefer was infertile. Okay, now let’s see how this interpretation holds up from a holistic point of view.

Then I will highlight the clue from the show. So, The Last Wish book had 6 short stories. A Grain of Truth is a story about beauty and the beast. A Question of Price is a story about Child Surprises, most notably, how Geralt became tied to the Child of Destiny: Ciri. The Witcher is a short story about a Princess Geralt who has to save a nod to Princess Ciri.

The Lesser Evil is a short-story about a princess on the run: Renfri another nod to Ciri. The Edge of the World is a story about renewal and hope. A nod to Geralt and Yennefer’s rebirth, so to say, upon having a child, namely Ciri, the child of destiny. And what is destiny – destiny is hope. Last but not least, all 6 short stories are flashbacks.

The Last Wish book actually takes place over the course of 7 chapters titled: The Voice of Reason. During these chapters, Geralt is healing at the temple of Melitele – Melitele being the patroness of fertilityand birth. Again, a nod to both Geralt and Yennefer’s infertility, as well as the eventual birth of their child: Ciri.

So basically, every short story as well as the underlying Voice of Reason chapters speaks to not only Geralt and Yennefer, but also to Ciri despite the fact that Ciri is not even born at the time of these stories. So that’s Geralt’s Last Wish. Geralt fell in love with Yennefer the very first time that he saw her, and in order to tie his fate to hers so as to save her life from the djinn, Geralt wished for Yennefer to be the mother of his child.

The leads us into the final section. A clue that doesn’t exist in the books. A show-onlyclue. The very first time that Geralt ever saw Yennefer, he asked her for her help. He asked her to heal Dandelion, Dandelion, or Jaskier. And he told her this: Fix it and I’ll pay you. Whatever the price.

Did you catch that? Geralt said, “I’ll pay you. Whatever the price. ”In the world of the witcher, when someone asks you that, you can invoke the Law of Surprise ,a law as old as humanity itself. The payer will give the first thing that comes to greet them at home: it might be a dog, a halberdier at the gate, even a mother-in-law impatient to holler at her son-in-law when he returns home.

Or it may be that which you find at home yet don’t expect: this could be a lover in the wife’s bed. But sometimes, it’s a child. A child marked out by destiny. So in the show, Yennefer was in the town of Rinde trying to magically cure her infertility. Then Geralt showed up and he offered to pay whatever the price.

On top of that, Geralt told Yennefer to release the djinn because he was willing to use his last wish to get her whatever she wanted. When he asked her what she wanted, she screamed that she wanted everything. That’s the same answer that she gave to Tissaia earlier in the episode.

So Yennefer didn’t give him an answer. But low and behold, Geralt’s Last Wish was the one thing she wanted most in life. A child.

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