These fantastic films characterised the year 2021! We’ll be looking at the best films of the last year, whether they lighted streaming platforms, revived the box office, or brought fans together in their shared passion for the art. “The Matrix Resurrections,” “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” “Dune,” and more are on our list!

Welcome to CelebsInfos, where we’re counting down our top ten favourite movies of 2021.

We’ll be looking at the best films of the last year, whether they lit up streaming platforms, revived the box office, or brought fans together in their shared passion for the art.

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“The Matrix Resurrections” is a sequel to “The Matrix” (2021)

It may have been 18 years since we last saw The Matrix on the big screen, but the wait was well worth it. Whether or not you like the first two sequels, you’ll discover something in “Resurrections” that will both liberate your mind and make you thankful that filmmaker Lana Wachowski allowed us to return down the rabbit hole with Neo and Trinity. Of course, all of the elements that made the original so enjoyable are present: thrilling action sequences, psychedelic sci-fi, ethical and philosophical debates, and badass characters.

However, there are several nostalgic callbacks, various cameos, smart meta-references, loads of humour, and world-building – or should we say… world-resurrecting? Oh, and for those romantics out there, there’s even a love tale! It’s time to take off, guy!

“The Power of the Dog” (2021)

This western drama is the epitome of a slow burn, but the payoff is surprising. In Jane Campion’s film, which won her the Silver Lion at Venice, nothing is as it seems. A harsh rancher’s insecurities might be hidden beneath a stone mask. The most dangerous person in the room may be a young introvert. Sometimes you have to look a bit closer, just like the mountains in the backdrop. There could be a shadow in the shape of a dog in there.

The only question is whether or not the dog will bite. As a lady battling with alcoholism, Kirsten Dunst provides a gritty supporting performance, while Benedict Cumberbatch gives one of his most complex performances as a detective.

“West Side Story” (2021)

You wouldn’t expect another “West Side Story” to be anything special in a year full of inventive film musicals. Of course, filmmaker Steven Spielberg should never be underestimated. Mr. Spielberg’s debut musical is also one of the greatest pictures he has made in the twenty-first century. While only time will tell if Spielberg’s picture outperforms its Best Picture winner, his version does improve on numerous points. Characters like Tony, Mara, and Riff have never been more complicated, thanks to the more varied casting.

The Upper West Side has never felt harsher or more densely populated than it does now. It’s the same narrative and music we know and love. Spielberg, writers Tony Kushner, and choreographer Justin Peck, in particular, gave each set piece a unique touch, making this “West Side Story” their own.

“CODA” (2021)

“CODA” is a one-of-a-kind family comedy that is also surprisingly relatable. Emilia Jones is joined by Marlee Matlin and Troy Kotsur in a fantastic cast. Jones is outstanding as Ruby, the sole member of her family who can hear. Rudy is stuck between pursuing her passion and protecting her family, concealing a voice that may lead her to Berklee. While not everyone may relate to Ruby’s specific position, the internal conflict between dreams and duty is universal.

“CODA” takes on these issues with heart, wit, and candour. It also looks into aspects of the deaf culture that are rarely discussed, such as sexual activities. At its heart, “CODA” is about a family learning to listen in some manner, ending in one of the year’s most memorable scenes.

“Mass” (2021)

It’s a simple title, yet it’s effective on numerous levels. Four parents meet after an unimaginable catastrophe to address their pain, regrets, and unresolved conflict. Reed Birney, Ann Dowd, Jason Isaacs, and Martha Plimpton complete an extraordinary cast, each giving a unique perspective to the subject of mourning. Fran Kranz’s original screenplay is a conversation masterclass, but his personal directing is as deserving of praise.

Given its confined location, “Mass” may easily have been mistaken for a cinematic adaptation of a play. While Kranz makes use of the stage’s claustrophobia, he also adds a cinematic touch by turning the audience into flies on the walls. The back-and-forth between these individuals is harrowing, but it’s a necessary debate.

“The Mitchells vs. the Machines” (2021)

The year 2021 was another fantastic year for animation. “Raya and the Last Dragon” from Disney was a thrilling adventure, while “Luca” from Pixar was a touching narrative of acceptance. However, the finest animated film is one that thinks beyond the box and colours outside the lines. While it has overtones of other modern masterpieces such as “Spider-Verse,” “The Mitchells vs. the Machines” is a fully original combination of several artistic approaches that work flawlessly together.

Every scene sparkles with visual beauty and sight gags that demand a second watching, thanks to a style that blurs the boundary between nostalgia and originality. No animated picture this year has had us laugh more, but “Mitchells” is a masterclass in terms of the emotional connection we build with these characters.

“Belfast” (2021)

“Belfast” is one of the few films released in 2021 that better defines the value of cinema. In certain ways, movies reflect real reality. In other ways, they give an escape from life’s difficulties. Buddy, a little child growing up in Belfast during the Troubles, considers movies to be his life. Kenneth Branagh’s semi-autobiographical coming-of-age drama makes excellent use of black and white photography.

Our nostalgia for the past is reflected in the cinematography, as well as the darker times that we hide behind nostalgia goggles. Even when they aren’t in colour, movies remain the one constant bright point. Caitrona Balfe and Jamie Dornan provide career-best performances, but newbie Jude Hill, who is only eleven years old, holds his own against Ciarán Hinds and the rest of the cast.

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” (2021)

From “Black Widow” to “Shang-Chi,” superheroes – or antiheroes in the case of “The Suicide Squad” – reigned supreme in 2021. “No Way Home” was the most engaging, dramatic, and ambitious comic book film ever made. In an era when it’s getting increasingly difficult to meet expectations while simultaneously defying them, “No Way Home” delivers on both fronts.

Given the ups and downs of the “Spider-Man” franchise over the last two decades, some may argue that the fact that this film was created at all is a miracle. The true marvel, though, is that the results are so incredibly enjoyable, paying homage to the franchise’s past while simultaneously looking forward to a bright future. For any generation that grew up with Spider-Man, this is a must-have.

“Dune” (2021)

Whatever your feelings about David Lynch’s adaptation, Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune” is the movie adaptation we’ve all been waiting for. At least, that’s how it started. Given the scope of the original material, Villeneuve’s decision to divide “Dune” into two films was sound. “Dune: Part One” is still a stand-alone achievement, immersing its viewers in a sci-fi realm unlike any other. While you could teach a college course on “Dune” legend, Villeneuve’s films are essentially visual storytelling, with magnificent vistas and thought-provoking topics under the surface.

Every member of the ensemble performs an excellent job portraying their own characters, adding to the film’s distinct individuality. The term “epic” is frequently used, but “Dune” is an excellent example.

“Licorice Pizza”  (2021)

“Punch-Drunk Love,” Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest masterpiece, has the vintage vibes of “Boogie Nights” and the unique romance of “Boogie Nights.” However, “Licorice Pizza” is not in the same league as his past works. The picture has a distinct flavour, mixing odd humour, a vintage visual, and a love narrative that keeps us hooked at every turn.

Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman portray opposite sides of the same coin, addressing youth’s spontaneity, adulthood’s uncertainty, and life’s curveballs for people of all ages. Even when they’re just hanging out, “Licorice Pizza” has a sincerity that we can only characterise as amazing. Regardless of where you place it in Anderson’s filmography, this is by far his best.

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