Today, I`m gone explain a 2010 American action movie called The Losers. The movie begins with a group of black ops special agents for the United States called The Losers who are doing an operation in Bolivia. They consist of Roque, the strategy mastermind, Cougar, the sniper, Jensen, the silly tech-savvy guy, and Pooch, the transport expert. They are playing card games in the middle of the forest where suddenly Clay, the leader of the squad, interrupts and says that it’s the time.  They are on a mission to destroy the compound of a Bolivian drug lord called Fadhil.

Clay explains that all they need to do is paint the target for the upcoming airstrike and then go away.  However, Cougar spots a lot of children who are brought into the drug lord’s house.  Clay, who also sees them through a sniper rifle, immediately suggests his superior, Max, to call off the airstrike.

 Max rejects the suggestion while the airstrike will commence in 8 minutes.  Left with no option, the Losers plan to save the kids and break into the compound. They manage to eliminate all Fadhil`s men without any casualties in the team. 4 minutes left into the airstrike, they successfully rescue all the children and bring them to the safe place with a school bus.  Clay gets into a house and manages to find Fadhil, who is holding a kid hostage. He shoots him and they immediately escape from there in time, just before the airstrike destroys the entire compound.

Because there is only one helicopter for the extraction, Clay decides to let the children get into the helicopter first. A few moments later, Max orders his man to blow up the helicopter they were meant to be on, killing the 25 innocent children while The Losers stay alive.  Betrayed, they decide to fake their death by throwing their soldier tags into the debris. The news of the helicopter crash goes viral and all of The Losers team members are considered dead. 

Stranded in Bolivia, The Losers decide their best move now is to stay low until they have a chance to reclaim their identity and get revenge. In the meantime, Clay and Roque becomes an expert in cockfights while Cougar and Jensen work at a local shop that sells dolls.

One night, it is revealed that they have never seen the man who gave those orders, Max. Roque tells Clay that it is impossible for them to take him down because they have no money and connections. He adds that it’s better to focus on the mission to take them back to America instead of getting revenge on Max.  Later that night, Clay is approached by a mysterious woman, Aisha, and he immediately brings her to his room to have fun.

He realizes that the woman has been following him since the cockfight.  While they engage in a fight, Aisha surprisingly claims that she can help him to find Max and can get them back into the United States. She figures out that The Losers are still alive by counting the number of teeth in the helicopter wreckage.

 Clay agrees with the offer and threatens to kill her if she lies. The next day, Clay gathers his team and orders Jensen to seek information about Aisha. The only useful information he finds is that the CIA has a standing kill order on her.  The mysterious woman suddenly shows up, informing The Losers that Max will be in Miami in 97 hours and will travel in an armoured truck with at least 30 guards standby. Roque hesitates at first, but the rest of the team believe it’s the only way to clear their name. 

The scene moves to Dubai where Max and his loyal bodyguard, Wade, are negotiating with Indians and they don’t reach an agreement.  Because of that, Max orders Wade to throw one of the Indians off the building. It turns out that Max is about to buy snake from them, an eco-friendly destructive bomb that could destroy a whole island without producing pollution.

 He will later sell the snakes to other people at a higher price to gain profit from them. The Losers eventually are brought back to the US and proceed to their first mission which is chopper-heist.  They, Jensen and Roque, disguise themselves as wounded soldiers and call the medic for help.  While the medic arrives, Cougar fires the medic and the helicopter`s pilots with tranquilizers and then they steal the helicopter, transporting it with a semi-trailer truck. 

Later that night, while preparing the plan for kidnapping Max, Roque suddenly confronts Aisha and questions her real intention with the team.  She reveals that she wants to stop Max from buying a very dangerous weapon which will obviously kill a lot of people. Roque doesn’t believe her and threatens to kill her if she lies to them. The next day in Miami, The Losers are already in their position and waiting for Max`s truck to depart.  Roque plants a tracker to the truck so Jensen, who disguises himself as a hotdog vendor, can track it everywhere it goes.

 On the other side, Cougar arrives at his spot and starts shooting the guards ‘cars, causing chaos on the street.  Clay fires a smoke grenade to distract the guards and Jansen shoots a device to the truck that prevents the truck’s door from opening. Pooch then shows up with his helicopter and manages to take the truck away from there. Wade attempts to shoot the helicopter down with the machine guns, but he fails and The Losers get away safely. 

They open the truck, but they only find a hard drive with several useless guards instead of Max. They then realize that they have been tricked by Aisha. Jensen attempts to hack into the hard drive which is manufactured by Goliath, but it is well-protected, so they will need a decryption key. Once again, Roque states that he doesn’t care about revenge anymore and wants to kill Aisha immediately.

 Enough with his bullshit, Clay punches him in the face, starting a fight between them. Clay and Pooch then explain that their identities have been exposed and they have no other choice other than to find Max.  In Puerto Rico, Wade informs Max that The Losers are still alive and they are coming for him.  He orders his bodyguard to gather an 18-man fire team in 12 hours to protect him. The next day, when they are about to go to Goliath`s HQ, Pooch refuses to continue the mission if his leader and Roque don`t reconcile.

Both of them then apologize to each other. In the Goliath`s HQ, Jensen disguises as a nerd IT guy and infiltrates the company to steal an algorithm that allows him to crack the hard drive. He calls Andersen, Head of Human Resources at the company, claiming himself from Internal Security and tells him to go to the lobby to discuss urgent matters.

He manages to get into the Andersen`s office and successfully steals the needed algorithm. When he is about to take the elevator, he is confronted by three security guards. Cornered, Jensen warns them that he is a product of a secret government experiment that could shoot a bullet from his finger. The security guards don’t believe him, but suddenly they get shot. Turns out that it was Cougar who covered his ass from the other building. Back at the hideout, Jensen gets inside the hard drive, discovering that it contains Max`s $400 million which he received from selling The Snukes. 

Furthermore, he manages to locate Max`s base ops in Los Angeles by tracking where the transaction took place. In Mumbai, afraid of getting his men thrown off again, Vikram, the creator of Snuke, arranges a meeting at a single-story building to discuss the new price of the weapon,  which increased to one billion dollars. Wade then tells Max about the price markup. On the other side, The Losers have arrived at Max`s base and are waiting for the right time for the assault. 

Later that night, Jensen digs deeper into the  files to find the connection between Fadhil`s drug  operation with Max`s cash while Pooch is secretly  monitoring his wife who is pregnant. A few moments  later, he discovers the drug dealer`s financial  information and reveals that Aisha is actually  Fadhil`s daughter. This news comes as a surprise  to the team and they immediately confront her,  who is having fun with Clay in his room. They  engage in a gunfight and Jensen gets shot.  Aisha runs to the bathroom and manages to escape  from there.

They break into a drugstore to treat  Jensen`s wounds. There, Pooch is frightened  that she will come after his family and  suddenly becomes hesitant with the plan, but  the team convinces him to keep going.  They sneak into the port and manage to knock out  several guards. As usual, Cougar runs into his  position and successfully eliminates a guard while  Jensen places several bombs all around the place. 

However, they soon realize that they have been  set up and all of the team members are captured,  except one man. Roque reveals himself to be a  traitor. Clay is enraged and tells Roque that  he is going to die very badly. On the other side,  Max has prepared the money and is in the process  of acquiring the Snukes. Turns out that he is not  gonna pay Vikram and forces him to activate the  device.

While The Losers are about to be executed,  Aisha suddenly shows up with her rocket launcher  and causes chaos. The Losers use this opportunity  to break free and eliminate all the remaining  guards. The team regroup, and Clay admits to Aisha  that he killed her father. She reveals that Fadhil  found out about Max`s real plan and was trying  to stop him, that’s why The Losers were sent to  eliminate him in the first place.

 There is no time  for personal matters and they continue their plan  to capture Max. Clay runs to a plane where Roque  is hiding while the rest of the team go after Max.  Clay reaches the plane and fights Roque. After  a long fight, He manages to break Roque`s hand,  but the traitor runs to the plane and kicks  Clay out of the plane. Realizing that the  traitor is stealing Max`s cash, Wade rides his  newly bought Ducati and chases after the plane. 

Clay, who is standing between Wade and the plane,  orders Cougar to shoot the Ducati, causing Wade to  be hurled into the jet`s engine and the motorcycle  to be hurled into the cockpit of the plane. The  plane explodes and kills both Roque and Wade. After Vikram successfully activates the device,  he gives Max the detonator and he  immediately shoots him to death.  He then attempts to escape by using a helicopter,  but Clay spots him, chases after him, and gets  him cornered.

He shoots the helicopter away and  gives Max a warning shot. Left with no option,  the villain activates the detonator and throws  it to the water. Clay immediately jumps to the  water and successfully deactivate the bomb, while  Max manages to escape. On the phone, Clay warns  Max that he now knows what he looks like and will  keep going after him.

The villain escapes on a bus  where two thugs confront him and rob his watch.  At the end of the movie, The Losers execute their last mission, which is to help Pooch to sneak  into the hospital to meet his newly born son.  After that, They also attend Jensen`s niece`s  soccer game where Jensen is making a scene  there after his niece is being fouled.


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