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Sarah Don is an author, television personality, and former jewelry designer. She is the author of several well-known works, including “The Home Cook.” In reality, she is well-known for co-writing Monty’s book “Fork to Fork.” She is best known as the wife of Monty Don, the primary presenter of the BBC gardening television series Gardener’s World.

Other publications she has written include The Art of Shetland Lace and Traditional Embroidered Animals. Border Patterns: Traditional Charted Designs for Needlework Sarah Don, and Monty Don’s From the Garden to the Table: Growing, Cooking, and Eating Your Own Food

Well-known for

  • Monty Don is a British horticultural, broadcaster, and writer best known as the primary presenter of the BBC gardening television series Gardeners’ World.
  • Sarah Don is an English author.

Sarah Don Age, Nationality, and Ethnicity

Sarah Don was born in February 1954, making her 68 years old in 2022. She is originally from England. Her given name is Sarah Erskine.

Sarah Don

Her nationality is British, and her ethnicity is British-White. Sarah has not revealed any information about her parents, siblings, or schooling.

Celebrated Name Sarah Don
Birth Name Sarah Erskine
Gender Female
Profession Author
Birth Nation England
Nationality British
Ethnicity British-White
Religion Christian
Marital Status Married
Husband Monty Don
Sexual Orientation Straight
Children Adam, Tom and Freya
Net Worth $1 Million
Source of Wealth Book Career
Salary Thousand of Dollar
Body Type Slim

Sarah Don Career and Books

  • After meeting her husband, Monty, Sarah Don started a costume jewelry business.
  • She revealed “We had 20 employees on staff and used hundreds of our contractors. We had a store on Beauchamp Place, SW1, and we sold in 30 countries, with 60 locations in the United States.”
  • Vogue later endorsed them, and their products were carried by Harrods, Harvey Nichols, and Liberty. “Costume jewelry is valued only on the basis of its design and appearance, not on the cost of its components. Our jewelry is still on display at the V&A.”
  • Despite her efforts to maintain a low profile, Sarah was a skilled jeweler who provided 75% of the creative ideas. Her spouse, who was a super-salesman and very passionate, put up the remaining 25%.
  • Monty, her husband, remarked, “We were actually flying while we were flying. We were the best in the world at what we did when we were at our peak. But we were never as successful as our publicity led others – and ourselves – to believe. We were hopelessly undercapitalized and continuously borrowing.”

Sarah Don Books

  • Because the United States was their main market and its stores canceled contracts for which the Dons had already engaged their own suppliers – and taken out loans – the 1987 Wall Street crisis absolutely devastated them. “Our demise was magnificent. We had been pretending to be businessmen all along, and now our cover had been blown.”
  • They eventually paid off their obligations by selling their home.
  • Despite the fact that the company was a collaborative effort, Sarah noted in their book The Jewel Garden that she regularly felt overlooked by clients in comparison to super salesman Monty. “I would labor on a project for months, drawing, refining, going back and forth to the manufacturer, testing samples, and sorting out issues,” she wrote. “It was always a cooperation,” says Montagu (Monty’s name), “yet the factory owner who created our jewelry only appeared to listen to Montagu.” “I was invisible,” she added.
  • She is currently helping her hubby with gardening.
  • She has also worked as a designer writer for Flux Media Limited and as Secretary for The Monty Project Limited.
  • Similarly, she and her spouse have co-written a few books.

Sarah Don Husband, Kids, and Marriage

Sarah Don is married to Monty Don, a British horticultural, broadcaster, and writer best known as the primary presenter of the BBC gardening television series Gardeners’ World. After meeting at Cambridge University, they married.

Sarah Don

In an interview with Reader’s Digest, Monty stated, “She needed help with her tiny back garden soon after we met, so I offered to cut the grass for her—the lawn wasn’t large enough to warrant the purchase of a lawn mower. She left me to it, but the only tool I could locate was a pair of scissors. I got down on my hands and knees and was almost completed when she came back. I’ll never forget the expression on her face, which I’ve grown to recognize over the last 37 years. It was a strange mix of disbelief and, dare I say, approbation.”

They have two sons, Adam and Tom, as well as a daughter named Freya. They are also delighted to be the grandparents of George and Daisy Rose.

Monty posted a nice throwback photo of himself and Sarah on their wedding day on July 28, 2022.

“We got married 39 years ago today – the image is a little faded, a little wrinkly, like us, but the love is as evergreen and strong now as it was all those years ago,” Monty captioned the post.

He previously told how he seduced Sarah by trimming her entire lawn with a pair of kitchen scissors. Monty claimed he couldn’t find the shed’s keys during the romantic gesture and had to improvise. To impress his future wife, he was willing to spend hours manually mowing the grass. Sarah thought Monty was a “romantic fool,” Monty admitted at the time.

Monty said, “I met my wife and wooed her by cutting her lawn with her kitchen scissors since I couldn’t find the key to the shed where the lawnmower was. She thought I was a fool back then, as she does now. But a passionate fool. We were just 25 years old when we bought a house with the largest garden we could afford “He mentioned this in 2013 at the Edinburgh Literary Festival.

Monty Don disclosed in his book The Jewel Garden that his wife was “the one.” Sarah was married at the time they met, and it needed a divorce to “figure things out.” “It took a little time and a divorce to figure things out, but I was right,” Monty added.

Sarah was previously married, and she left her first husband for Monty Don, with whom she fled together. They fled to the North York Moors as a group. It has now been 39 years since they were married. She revealed how she left her first spouse for the Gardeners World host. Monty, an undergraduate, and her ex-husband, a postgraduate, met at the same institution.

“I left my well-off spouse for this impoverished student in 1979,” she acknowledged. “To avoid the inevitable mess that we had made, Montagu and I fled to the North York Moors, where we were granted accommodations in a house for the winter.”

Sarah, who refuses to refer to her new husband by his abbreviated name, recalls how they settled the rent by riding the owner’s horse every day and painting all the windows as payment. Despite the ideal love story, she revealed that they fell into financial troubles after fleeing. “We now regard that period as a rich experience,” she remarked. “However, there was a significant hardship.”

Sarah Don is now living in Herefordshire, England in 2022. In her home, she owns three dogs. Her husband recently announced the loss of her golden retriever, Nigel, on Instagram.

Sarah Don Net Worth, Salary and Income

Sarah Don is a TV personality, author, and former jeweler who has written several books and appeared in a number of TV series. Sarah Don’s net worth will be more than $1 million in 2022.

Her primary source of riches is her book business. She is now living a comfortable lifestyle thanks to her earnings. Her current wage is in the thousands of dollars.

Sarah Don Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Sarah Don is a lovely woman with blonde hair and brown eyes. She has a beautiful face that draws a lot of people to her because of her charming personality.

Sarah Don

She stands at the ideal height of 5’5″ feet or 165 cm for her body weight of 60 kg or 132 lbs. She currently has a healthy body and is very cautious of her food intake.

Did You Know?

  • Sarah Don is the wife of Monty Don, a gardener, broadcaster, and writer.
  • She is the author of several well-known works, including “The Home Cook.”
  • Her birth name is Sarah Erskine.
  • After meeting her husband, Monty, Sarah started a costume jewelry business.

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