Money Heist : Alvaro Morte discusses odd ‘tricks and rituals’ he had to perform as The Professor

Since the show’s debut in 2017, Alvaro Morte has played the lead character of The Professor in La Casa De Papel, or Money Heist. The Spanish show is available on Netflix.

It’s been nearly three weeks since Money Heist ended its four-year trip. But that hasn’t stopped its huge fan following. Dali masks, red jumpsuits, and character props, among other elements from the Spanish crime thriller, are still engaging with the public.

The Professor’s glasses are one such item that has left an unforgettable impression. However, there’s more to actor Alvaro Morte’s portrayal of the role. Everything about the mastermind, from his body language to his attire, was carefully created, making him a one-of-a-kind character. This is exposed in the documentary ‘Money Heist: Tokyo to Berlin,’ which is currently available on Netflix.

The “tricks and rituals Alvaro undertook to become The Professor” are revealed in one segment of the documentary. He began by listening to Gillespie’s “A Night in Tunisia,” which put him “into the flow that The Professor has gone.” He also had a unique manner of suiting up for the role. The things he discussed in the documentary may appear strange, but he stated that they are significant to him.

In his voice-over, actor Pedro Alonso, who plays Berlin, also disclosed the three ‘tricks’ that Alvaro used for his role. While we already know how Alvaro kept touching his spectacles, he also revealed that The Professor would always put them on with both hands. His glasses, according to Alvaro, are “like a mask on the Professor’s costume since he always hides behind them.”

His hand movements while speaking were also a bit random. He pointed with his thumb because, in Alvaro’s words, “he’s a confusing guy.” He’s the type of guy that hides what’s actually going on inside him.” Finally, Alvaro stated that The Professor was bent when the show first aired because he is “self-absorbed.” His back slowly straightened, representing the confidence his character earned as the story progressed. He kept his posture the most erect as he walked inside the Bank of Spain last season. “That’s how strange Professor is.”That’s how strange Alvaro Morte is,” Alvaro said with a smile.

La Casa De Papel, or Money Heist, had a final resolution recently, when the team of robbers slipped out the gold from the Bank of Spain while disguised as the police department, and led by the man major – The Professor. The series aired from 2017 through 2021 and remained one of Netflix’s most popular shows worldwide.

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