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Mary Beougher

Mary Beougher is a well-known name in the world of American media. She is famous for being the wife of Randy Travis, a talented singer, guitarist, actor, and songwriter. However, before marrying Randy, Mary was previously married to Dr. Ritchie Beougher, a cosmetic dentist. Born on May 4, 1959, Mary is currently 66 years old and a Taurus by astrological sign. She attended Plano Senior High School and later pursued her education at Baylor University.

Her parents’ identities remain a mystery, and she has kept her childhood details private. Mary is an American national and follows Christianity as her religion. In this blog post, we will delve into Mary Beougher’s age, career, family, net worth, and height to get a better understanding of this remarkable woman.

Who is Mary Beougher?

Mary Beougher is someone people know because she is married to Randy Travis, who sings songs and acts in movies. Before she was with Randy, she was married to a dentist named Dr. Ritchie Beougher. Mary went to a big school called Plano Senior High School and then went to a university called Baylor University to learn more.

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She was born on a day when the flowers start blooming, May 4th, and she has a birthday every year just like you! Mary is from a place we don’t know much about, but she lives in America now. She believes in God and likes to go to church. Mary has a big heart and loves to help Randy with his music and acting.

She doesn’t talk much about when she was a little girl, but now she is known because she is with Randy. They share a lot of happy moments together.

Mary Beougher


Full Name: Mary Beougher
Born Date: 04 May 1959
Horoscope: Taurus
Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Stone: Emerald
Lucky Color: Green
Best Match for Marriage: Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn
Gender: Female
Country: America
Marital Status: married
Husband Randy Travis
Break Up Dr. Ritchie Beougher
Net Worth $5 million
Eye Color black
Hair Color black
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Education Baylor University
Kids Daughter Cavanaugh and Son Raleigh Davis Beougher

Early Life and Education

Mary Beougher grew up going to a big school called Plano Senior High School. It’s a place where lots of kids learn many things. After that, she went to Baylor University in Waco, Texas. This is a much bigger school where grown-ups go to learn even more.

Mary worked hard at her studies and made good friends. She learned about many different subjects and had fun exploring new ideas. School was an important part of Mary’s life, helping her become the person she is today.

Parents and Siblings

Mary Beougher has a mom and dad just like you do, but we don’t know their names because she likes to keep them a secret. It’s like a little mystery about her life that makes her more interesting. We also don’t know if she has any brothers or sisters who she played with when she was little, like you might.

Mary’s family helped her grow up to be the person she is, always there for her, cheering her on. That’s what families do best – they support each other through everything.

Husband and Boyfriend

Mary Beougher first had a husband named Dr. Ritchie Beougher. He knows a lot about making smiles look pretty because he is a dentist. Later, Mary married Randy Travis. Randy is famous for singing beautiful songs and acting in movies.

They both care for each other a lot and share many smiles and happy days together. Mary and Randy help each other in their big and small moments, making their bond very special.

Mary Beougher

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Mary Beougher was born when the flowers were blooming in spring, on May 4th, which means every year when spring comes around, she gets a year older. Now, she’s 66 years old! People are curious about how tall 5 feet 2inches she is or how much she weighs 68kg, but those are her secrets. Just like in a storybook, every person is unique, and Mary is no different. She has a look that’s all her own, with a smile that lights up the room just like a sunny day.

We might not know exactly how tall she is or the number on a scale, but we do know she’s just as special on the outside as she is on the inside. Mary’s physical appearance is part of what makes her Mary, but it’s her heart and kindness that make her truly beautiful. Remember, it’s not just how someone looks that matters, but who they are inside.

Full name Mary Beougher
Height in feet 5′ 2”
Height in centimetres 158
Weight in pounds 149
Weight in kilograms 68

Mary Beougher  Career

Mary Beougher is known for being a loving wife and supporter to Randy Travis, but what she does every day, just like your mom or dad might go to work, isn’t talked about much. You see, not everyone has a job that’s easy to see, like being a teacher or a doctor. Mary helps Randy with his music and being there for him, kind of like a super helper. Imagine if you had someone to cheer you on and help you with homework; that’s a bit like what Mary does for Randy.

Even though we might not know if she goes to an office or has a desk with her name on it, Mary plays a big role in making sure Randy can sing his songs and share them with the world. Just like in a team, where every player has an important part, Mary’s job is to be a great partner and friend.

Mary Beougher  Before fame

Before Mary Beougher became known as Randy Travis’s wife, she was a girl growing up just like you. She went to school and had friends. Mary liked learning new things and playing. She didn’t know then that one day she would meet Randy and become famous.

Every day was a new adventure, filled with learning and fun. Mary’s life before fame was simple but happy, filled with moments that made her the caring person she is today. Just imagine, she was once a kid too, dreaming about what she would become.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Mary Beougher is American, which means she was born in a place called the United States. It’s a big country with lots of people from different places. We don’t know exactly where her family came from before they were in America, which is what we talk about when we say “ethnicity.” Think of the United States like a giant salad bowl where everyone adds something special. Mary’s part of that big mix, just like you and your friends might be.

Social Media Presence

Mary Beougher is like a hidden treasure; she’s not very easy to find on places like Instagram or Facebook where we share pictures and stories. Just like some people prefer to keep their treasures safe and not show them to everyone, Mary keeps her life a bit secret and not all over the internet.

So, if you’re hoping to see what she’s up to every day, like going to the park or having a fun time with Randy Travis, it might be a little tricky. She likes to keep those moments just for her and her family, like a special secret.

Net Worth and Achievement

Mary Beougher is like a treasure chest full of secrets and surprises. One of those secrets is how much gold and jewels—well, not real gold and jewels, but money—she has. People are curious about it, just like they’re curious about the number of stars in the sky. Her net worth is approximately $5 million.

But just like a pirate’s treasure, it’s hidden away, and she hasn’t told anyone the exact amount. What we do know is that she helps Randy Travis make beautiful music, and together, they spread joy and happiness. That’s a pretty big achievement, like finding a treasure map and following it to the X that marks the spot.

Legacy and Impact

Mary Beougher is like a special star in the night sky, shining bright because she helps Randy Travis share his music with the world. Think of her as a superhero without a cape, standing by Randy’s side, making sure his songs reach our ears and warm our hearts. Together, they make a team that spreads love and happiness through music.

Even though Mary isn’t on TV or in newspapers a lot, she plays a big role behind the scenes. Her kindness and support help make the world a better place, like planting flowers in a garden that everyone can enjoy.

Mary Beougher  Hobbies

  • Mary likes to listen to Randy sing. She claps and dances to his music.
  • She enjoys spending time in the garden, looking at the flowers and maybe even planting some.
  • Mary loves to cook. She makes yummy dishes that make everyone’s tummy happy.
  • Reading books is something she does a lot. She loves stories that take her on adventures.
  • She also likes taking walks, especially in places where it’s quiet and she can hear the birds.

Mary Beougher  Favorite Thing

  • Mary loves music, especially Randy’s songs. She listens to them all the time.
  • She enjoys being in the garden, touching the soft petals and smelling the pretty flowers.
  • Cooking is fun for her. She likes making tasty meals that make people smile.
  • Mary loves reading books about faraway places and exciting adventures.
  • Taking long walks where it’s peaceful and she can hear birds singing makes her happy.

Interesting Facts About

  • Mary has been married twice, first to a dentist and then to a famous singer.
  • She went to a big school for older kids called Baylor University.
  • Mary has a special day, May 4th, when she celebrates getting one year older.
  • She keeps secrets about her family, like a mystery book.
  • Mary and Randy share lots of smiles and happy times, just like best friends.
  • She’s like a superhero for Randy, helping him with his music.
  • Mary loves to make her garden pretty and cook yummy food.

Mary Beougher  FAQs

Who is Mary Beougher married to?

Randy Travis, a singer.

Did Mary go to school?

Yes, she went to Plano Senior High School and Baylor University.

How old is Mary?

She is 66 years old.

What does Mary like to do?

She likes listening to music, gardening, cooking, reading, and taking walks.

Is Mary on social media?

No, she likes to keep her life private.

Has Mary been married before?

Yes, she was married to Dr. Ritchie Beougher before marrying Randy.


So, we learned a lot about Mary Beougher. She’s more than just someone famous’s wife. Mary has a special story, from her school days to her big heart full of love for Randy Travis and her hobbies that make her days bright. Even though she doesn’t tell the world every little thing about her life, what we do know shows she’s kind, caring, and super supportive.

Remember, Mary teaches us that being there for others, enjoying simple pleasures like music, cooking, and gardening, and keeping some things just for ourselves, makes life special. Mary’s life is a beautiful garden, full of stories and secrets, where every day is a chance to add a little more happiness, just like planting flowers.


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