Leonardo Del Vecchio Net Worth

Leonardo Del Vecchio Net Worth 2022: Income, Salary, Career, Wife, Biography

Leonardo Del Vecchio Net Worth: Leonardo Del Vecchio is a businessman with an estimated net worth of $30 billion. Leonardo Del Vecchio was a well-known and successful Italian businessman. Leonardo Del Vecchio was an Italian millionaire and the country’s second-richest person. Vecchio was a well-known businessman and the creator of Luxottica, the world’s largest producer and reseller of glasses and frames.

Vecchio served as the company’s chairman for an extended period of time. In addition, the corporation employs over 77,000 people and operates over 8000 stores. Leonardo Del Vecchio was one of the world’s wealthiest people, with a tremendous net worth. Vecchio died of pneumonia on June 27, 2022. His death was revealed in an official announcement by his company.

Name Leonardo Del Vecchio
Net Worth (2022) $30 Billion
Profession Businessman
Monthly Income And Salary N/A
Yearly Income And Salary N/A
Last Updated 2022

Leonardo Del Vecchio Net Worth

Leonardo Del Vecchio was a household figure in Italy, having received widespread acclaim throughout his long and brilliant career. Vecchio was the most successful businessman in Italy and the world’s 54th richest person. He was the second richest person in Italy when he was still living. Leonardo Del Vecchio’s net worth was $30 billion on June 27, 2022.

Vecchio rose to prominence and success as the founder of Luxottica, one of the world’s largest merchants and manufacturers of spectacles and frames. With the most shares in the corporation, he had acted as chairman and founder.

Leonardo Del Vecchio Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2022 $30 Billion
Net Worth in 2021 $28 Billion
Net Worth in 2020 $26 Billion
Net Worth in 2019 $24 Billion
Net Worth in 2018 $22 Billion
Net Worth in 2017 $20 Billion

Leonardo Del Vecchio Assets

Home: Leonardo Del Vecchio was Italy’s most successful businessman, and he owned multiple real estate properties in Italy and around the world. Vecchio owned a home in Milan where he frequently resided. He also had a residence in Rome.

Car collection: Leonardo Del Vecchio possessed a big automobile collection. Vecchio drove a variety of vehicles. His collection includes vehicles such as the Rolls Royce Phantom, Bentley Continental GT, Jaguar F type, Maserati, Lamborghini, and many others.

RayBan Owner, Leonardo Del Vecchio, Dies at 87. - Asiana Times

Leonardo Del Vecchio Biography

Leonardo Del Vecchio was born on May 22, 1935, in Milan, Italy. Vecchio was born into a poor and financially insecure family. His father used to work as a street vendor, selling vegetables on the street. His father died before he was born. Vecchio was raised by his mother together with his four other siblings. She eventually sent him to an orphanage, where he spent most of his childhood. Leonardo Del Vecchio began his career at an early age as well.

In Milan, he apprenticed with a tool and die, maker. However, he quickly recognized his skill and transitioned to spectacle-making. He relocated to Agordo in 1961, which is renowned as the birthplace of the Italian eyeglasses industry. He afterward became a professional and began his career with many firms.

Leonardo Del Vecchio Career and Achievements

Leonardo Del Vecchio began his career as a metalworker under the supervision of a highly talented and experienced tool and die, maker. Later, he transitioned to spectacle production, which became his primary business. He formed a limited partnership to launch his new company, Luxottica. Later that year, under the brand Luxottica, Leonardo Del Vecchio began selling a full variety of spectacle frames.

His company quickly expanded into the production of contact lenses. Later, he purchased Scarrone, a distribution company. As the company grew, he opened other locations. Luxottica purchased several other companies and began producing spectacles under trademarks such as RayBan, Vogue, Sunglass Hut, and others. Leonardo Del Vecchio will be the second richest Italian on June 27, 2022. On the same day, he was named the 54th richest person in the world.


Leonardo Del Vecchio had spent the majority of his childhood in an orphanage. Martinitt, his orphanage, also completed his early education. He afterward attended Brera Academy, where he completed his secondary school. In addition to his education, Leonardo Del Vecchio worked as a tool and die, maker.


Leonardo Del Vecchio was a tremendously successful and well-known figure in Italy and throughout the world. He has achieved significant success in his career. Leonardo Del Vecchio was the most successful individual in Italy, as well as the second wealthiest.

He founded Luxottica, the world’s largest manufacturer and reseller of spectacles and frames. Leonardo Del Vecchio had a large number of admirers and fans.

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