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Kittyxkum, also known as Kitty Kum, is a rising social media and adult entertainment star. At 28 years old, she has gained a large following on platforms like TikTok and OnlyFans. With her creative and fun videos, she has captured the hearts of many, especially young people. Her success has also led her to become an AV actress and model. Born on October 17, 1996, Kittyxkum’s charm and talent have helped her amass an estimated net worth of between $500,000 and USD 1 million.

Who is Kittyxkum?

Kittyxkum, or Kitty Kum, is a lady who is famous on the internet. She makes videos that many people like to watch. Kitty is known for being very creative and making people smile with her content. She shares her videos on a TikTok website, and many people follow her.

Kitty also works as a model, posing for pictures and videos. Besides, she makes unique content for a site called OnlyFans, where fans can see more of her work. She is 28 years old and has done many cool things in her career. People enjoy her videos because they are fun and exciting.


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Real Name Khaby Lame
Nickname Kittyxkum
Profession PV Actress, Model
Height (Inches) 5feet
Weight (Kilogram) 55kg
Weight (Pound) 100lbs
Figure Size 28-24-32
Bra Size 28
Eyes Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Date of Birth 17 October 1996
Age (in 2021) 25 years
Zodiac Sign/Sun Sign Libra

Early Life and Education

Kittyxkum, or Kitty Kum as many call her, grew up in the United States. When she was a little girl, she liked to make videos and be in front of the camera. She went to school like other kids and worked hard. Even though she was busy, Kitty always found time to have fun and learn new things.

She loved to draw and play games, too. Kitty didn’t talk much about her school, but she liked learning. She always wanted to be creative and share her ideas with the world. That’s why she started making videos for people to watch.

Kittyxkum Real Name

In the internet world, where everyone knows Kittyxkum, her real name is a little secret—people who watch her videos or see her pictures know her as Kittyxkum or Kitty Kum. But just like superheroes have another name when they’re not saving the world, Kittyxkum also has her unique name.

This name is what her family and friends call her when she’s not making videos or being famous online. It’s a name given to her when she was born. Even though we know her as Kittyxkum, she has a real name that is just for her and people close to her.


Kittyxkum Nationality

Kittyxkum, also known to many as Kitty Kum, comes from the United States of America. This means her nationality is American. Being American means she was born in a country with 50 states, and it’s where people from all over the world come to live.

So, Kitty Kum lives in the same country as big cities like New York and Los Angeles. America is known for being a prominent place where many different things happen. Like many other Americans, Kitty Kum enjoys sharing her life and experiences online, which is how she became famous.

Kittyxkum Age, Height, Weight

Kittyxkum is 28 years old. This means she has had 28 birthdays so far. People are curious about how tall 5feet  she is and how much she weighs 55kg, but those details are like a secret puzzle. Imagine everyone is different, like pieces in a puzzle.

Some people are tall, like giraffes, and some are not as tall. Kittyxkum’s exact height and weight are part of her puzzle, which she hasn’t shared. Just like you might keep a special toy a secret, Kittyxkum keeps these details a secret, too. But knowing her age helps us understand she’s grown-up, just like your older cousin or teacher.

Siblings and Parents

Kittyxkum has a family just like you and me. She has a mom and a dad who love her very much. They helped her become the person she is today. Kitty might have brothers or sisters, but she keeps that part of her life private.

Just like in your family, everyone has their own stories and adventures. Her parents are proud of her and support her in everything she does. Even though we don’t know their names or what they look like, they are essential to Kitty. They are a big part of her life, even if we don’t see them online.

Kittyxkum Boyfriend

Kittyxkum is very private about her life, especially when it comes to if she has a boyfriend. Just like some people like to keep their favorite toy a secret, Kitty likes to keep her personal life a secret, too. She hasn’t told anyone if she has a boyfriend or not.

This is very personal to her, and she chooses to share other stories and adventures with her fans instead. Remember, everyone has things they like to keep just for themselves, and Kitty, who she might be dating, is one of those things.


Kittyxkum keeps her life like a treasure map, with some parts hidden, like secret jewels. When it comes to whether she has any children, she hasn’t shared that with the world.

Just like some mysteries in a storybook make it more interesting, not knowing everything about Kittyxkum makes her more intriguing. It’s like when you have a secret clubhouse where only special secrets are shared. So, we need to find out if she has any kids. She keeps that part of her life private, like a hidden treasure chest that has yet to be opened.


Kittyxkum has done a lot of different jobs on the internet. She started by making fun videos on a place called TikTok. Many people liked her videos because they were fun and made them smile. Then, she also began to model. Modeling means she gets to dress up in fancy clothes and take pictures.

Kitty is also on the OnlyFans website, where people who like her videos can see more of them. She even makes YouTube videos where she talks and shows fun things. Kitty works hard in all these jobs, and that’s how she became famous. She loves to share her creativity with everyone.

Kittyxkum Net Worth

Kittyxkum has done well with her videos and pictures online. People enjoy what she makes and shares. Because of her hard work, she has made a lot of money. Imagine saving up your allowance for something big; that’s what Kitty has done but with her job online.

Right now, it’s believed that she has between $500,000 and 1 million dollars. That’s like having a massive pile of coins and dollar bills! She got this much money by being good at what she does and by many people liking her work. Doing something you love can sometimes help you save a lot of money.

Kittyxkum Ethnicity

Kittyxkum’s ethnicity is a part of who she is, like the colors in a big, beautiful painting. Ethnicity is about where your family comes from and the unique traditions and stories they share. For Kittyxkum, this might include special foods, music, or holidays unique to her family’s background.

However, she hasn’t talked much about this part of her life, so we don’t know the exact details. Like everyone has a different story and comes from other places, Kittyxkum has her unique background. It’s another piece of her particular puzzle that makes her who she is.


Right now, Kittyxkum must have her page on a big Wikipedia website. Wikipedia is like a vast library online where you can find lots of information about different people, places, and things. Even though Kittyxkum is pretty famous on the internet, sometimes only some get their page there.

It’s okay because there are many other online places to learn about her and see her videos and pictures. One day, as she becomes even more famous, she’ll have a page all about her on Wikipedia where we can learn more fun facts and stories.

Kittyxkum on Social Media

Kittyxkum loves to use the internet to share her life and fun videos. She’s a star on websites like TikTok, OnlyFans, and YouTube. Think of TikTok as a playground where she plays and shows her fun games.

On OnlyFans, it’s like a club where only her biggest fans can see more of her. YouTube is like her TV channel, where she can talk and share longer adventures. She uses these places on the internet to connect with people who like her videos. She’s very good at making friends online and sharing her happy moments.

Unknown Facts

Did you know Kittyxkum has some secret talents that not everyone knows about? She can draw well, almost like the pictures in your favorite storybook. She also loves to dance when no one is watching, twirling around like a leaf in the wind.

Kittyxkum has a favorite snack, too – she loves eating strawberries more than any other fruit, just like you might have a favorite food. She also enjoys watching the stars at night, imagining all the different worlds. These little pieces of her life make her unique, just like you have your secret hobbies and likes.


  • Kittyxkum loves to do fun things when she’s not making videos.
  • She enjoys drawing beautiful pictures, just like how you might draw in a coloring book.
  • She uses bright colors and makes everything look magical. Kitty also loves dancing.
  • She dances in her room when her favorite music is playing, feeling happy and free.
  • Besides that, she’s into watching the stars at night.
  • She looks up at the sky and dreams about the universe.
  • Kitty loves eating strawberries, too. They’re her favorite treat.
  • These hobbies are like treasures to her, making her days joyful and wonderful.


 “How old is she?”
She is 28 years old. 

“What does she like to do for fun?” Kittyxkum loves to draw, dance, watch the stars, and eat strawberries. 

“Is Kittyxkum her real name?”
It’s the name she uses online, but she has another memorable name her family and friends use.

“Where is Kittyxkum from?”
She’s from the United States, which means she’s American.

“Does Kittyxkum have any pets?”
That’s a secret she hasn’t shared. These are just a few things people are curious about Kittyxkum.


In the end, Kittyxkum is someone many people enjoy watching online. She’s done many different things, like making videos, modeling, and drawing. People like to see what she shares because she makes them happy. She’s worked hard and made some money from doing what she loves. Kitty keeps some things about her life private, which is okay because everyone has things they like to keep to themselves. What’s remarkable is how she shows that doing what you love can make you and many others smile. Kittyxkum is like a shining star in the big internet sky, sharing her light with everyone.


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