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Jess Potter is a British reality television personality most known for her role on the current seventh season of the British reality dating show “Married at First Sight UK 2022.” She also made a brief appearance in the second season of the Netflix TV show “Sexy Beasts.” By profession, she is a dental hygienist.

Well-known for

  • Jess Potter is a reality television star and a dental hygienist.
  • For her role in the seventh season of the British reality dating show “Married at First Sight UK.”

Jess Potter Age, Nationality and Ethnicity

Jess Potter was born on April 7, 1991, making her 31 years old as of 2022. Jessica O’Connor is her full name. She is from Cambridgeshire in the East of England. Her nationality is British, and her ethnicity is British-White. Her zodiac sign is Aries, and she is a Christian.

Jess Potter

She has not been forthcoming with information about her parents to the media. Her father has had the most impact on her life. Chloe, her younger sister, has a younger brother. Her brother is a professional footballer. Her grandfather served as mayor. In July 2018, she graduated from the University of Essex as a dental hygienist.

Celebrated Name Jess Potter
Age 31 Years Old
Birth Name Jessica O’Connor
Birth Date 1991-04-07
Gender Female
Profession Reality Television Personality
Birth Nation England
Nationality British
Place Of Birth Cambridgeshire
Ethnicity British-White
Horoscope Aries
Religion Christian
Siblings Brother and a sister, Chloe
University University of Essex
Marital Status Married
Husband Pjay Finch
Sexual Orientation Straight
Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million
Source of Wealth Entertainment Industry
Salary Thousand of Dollar
Height 5 ft 5 in
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Links Instagram

Jess Potter Profession and Dental Hygienist

  • Jess Potter is a dental hygienist by trade.
  • In 2017, she began working as a dental hygienist at LittleportDental.
  • She rose to prominence after appearing in the current seventh season of the British reality dating show “Married at First Sight UK.”

Jess Potter

  • The reality show pairs 16 singletons with a stranger based on their hobbies and future objectives. Other MAFS UK competitors include Adrian, Duke, Zoe Clifton, Jenna Robinson, Kwame, and others.
  • The seventh season of Married at First Sight UK premiered on All 4 on Monday, August 29th.
  • She has returned to her regular 9-5 job after rising to prominence on the show earlier this week.

Jess Potter Husband, Kids, and Marriage

Jess Potter married her Married at First Sight UK partner, Pjay Finch, on their first date during the second week of the show. She met her future husband on Married at First Sight UK and they married despite not knowing each other.

Jess Potter

“The truth is out!” she declared in a post. I MARRIED A RANDOM! All of this will be revealed in the brand new Married at First Sight UK, which will premiere on E4 and All 4 soon.” Jess previously told Channel 4 that she wants to find a spouse and settle down before appearing on the show.

“On dating apps, people just want to get their leg over – they don’t want to settle down,” Jess explained. “I’m ready to settle down!” When Pjay asked her during the show, “What do you do for a living?” she replied, “I’m a dental hygienist.” “What about you, what do you do?” she responded in response to the query. “OK, I’m going to tell you, but you can’t judge,” he replied with a sly smile. “OK it clearly makes me feel terrible right immediately,” Jess replied, her face turning fearful. Pjay responded, “So what do I do… I am a performance slash dancer slash stripper.” “No you’re not oh f**k off,” Jess yelled back. “Are you actually?” “S**t, I don’t know what to say about it,” she mused as he assured he wasn’t joking.

She refused to go on the honeymoon, telling the camera that she ‘truly’ wanted to go home. Later, when Pjay insisted on changing his career, Jess began to warm to him. During their honeymoon, she revealed to him that her ex-partner had been sleeping with a close family member at the time. When Paul Brunson told the bride that she wasn’t showing Pjay any physical affection during one instance, Jess accused Paul of depicting her as a ‘b***h.’ Jess has not yet revealed whether or not she and Pjay are still married. Jess Potter has a heterosexual sexual orientation.

Jess Potter has said that fans of her Channel 4 show emailed her death threats after episodes of her wedding and honeymoon with Pjay Finch aired. The couple met for the first time before taking their vows at the altar, and while they bonded over Harry Potter, things started to go south after Jess wasn’t impressed with Pjay’s employment as a stripper. Pjay was probed by his new mother-in-law on their wedding day, soon before Jess stormed off and threatened not to go on her honeymoon as a result of the revelation.

While on vacation, Jess nervously declined Pjay’s offer of a massage and subsequently informed the camera that she doesn’t feel the ‘romantic spark,’ but rather a ‘friend vibe.’ Jess said on Instagram that she has subsequently received death threats and is surprised by the reaction from viewers to footage that was filmed six months ago. Fans called Jess’ mother ‘rude’ at their wedding when she asked Pjay, ‘Where the f**k do you want to be in five years and how are you going to get there?’ Sort your damned life out so you can look after my daughter, or we’ll fall out,’ she said as Pjay fully detailed his profession and how he made decent money. ‘Stripping is just a new job, I’m ready to make adjustments,’ he said, adding that he was considering returning to events management.

 Pjay Finch and Jess Potter

Fans swiftly backed Pjay and chastised Jess’ mother for being ‘mean’ to her future son-in-law for being a stripper, but Jess – and her mother – began to change their minds after Pjay delivered a heartfelt explanation. ‘I simply leaped to conclusions, and that’s what I do sometimes,’ the bride explained. Pjay later pledged to stop stripping for her. ‘How am I going to develop my life with someone I don’t even bloody see?’ she said, adding, ‘And another thing I would say is because I want to have children in the future, I want to be with someone who can care after me throughout that time.’ ‘My whole life, I’ve had to try and explain what I do, and it’s harmed previous relationships,’ Pjay revealed to the camera. ‘I’ll do whatever it takes,’ he declared. ‘If that’s a case of quitting stripping, I’ll make it happen.’

But it appears that Jess isn’t quite convinced of her new partner just yet, and the prospect of him quitting his work worries her. ‘I feel terrible,’ she says, cringing. ‘I think he likes me more, but I’m not a terrible person.’ ‘I’m not at that level yet,’ she added. ‘Right now, we’re friends, and hopefully, we can develop on that, but I’m not going to promise anything.’ It’s unclear whether the couple’s romance will grow after they return from their honeymoon.

Jess Potter Net Worth, Salary and Income

Jess Potter is a dental hygienist and reality TV celebrity whose net worth is believed to be between $1 million and $5 million as of 2022.

Her annual pay from her career work is in the millions of dollars. Her primary sources of money are the entertainment sector and her work as a dental hygienist. She is currently leading a normal life. Details regarding her residence and automobile collection have yet to be revealed.

Jess Potter Height and weight

Jess Potter height is 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) tall, and her body weight is 55 kg or 121 lbs well-maintained. Her eyes are brown, and her hair is a dark brown tone. Her hair is long.

 Jess Potter

She has a stylish appearance and a lovely face. She has multiple tattoos on her body, including one of late Queen Elizabeth II on her right leg. She also has a Daniel Radcliffe tattoo.

Did You Know?

  • Jessica O’Connor is her full name.
  • She made a brief appearance in the second season of Netflix’s “Sexy Beasts.”
  • She works as a dental hygienist.
  • She appeared in the seventh season of the British reality dating show “Married at First Sight UK 2022,” which is now airing.

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