Fantastic Beasts : Secrets of Dumbledore | Trailer Review

Fantastic Beasts : Secrets of Dumbledore

Welcome to another installment of Harry Potter Theory. The time has finally come- the long-anticipated trailer for the new Fantastic Beasts film:  The Secrets of Dumbledore. A teaser came out a couple of days ago but it was pretty short and still left a lot of us wanting- but fortunately,  just a few short hours ago- we were given a  full 2.5-minute trailer that gave me chills.

Let’s break it down: “If you listen closely enough- the past whispers to you” – that’s the first line we’re hit with as the notes of the magical score begin to play in the background. The trailer starts with a familiar scene- Hogsmeade- a place not far from Hogwarts that we know from the Harry Potter films. “We’re here to see Albus Dumbledore,” says Newt to the unidentified figure.

 “That would be my brother” he replies. What that line reveals is that this figure is none other than Aberforth Dumbledore- who appears quite a bit in the Harry Potter films- and of course works as owner and barman of the Hog’s Head Inn in Homemade. I knew that Dumbledore’s family was going to find their way into this film at some point, so I’m quite excited. Next, we see a lonely-looking Dumbledore walking alone in the snow in what appears to be New York. The next scene is quite important, as it reveals an all-new wizarding world location that we’ve never seen before.

People are joined together and celebrating well- most likely Grindelwald- as it was revealed in the TEASER trailer that he seems to have gained some traction and gotten quite popular. In the background, we see a banner that says the following ‘Chef Suprema’- which- in Portuguese, means ‘Supreme Boss’. JK Rowling hinted over and over again that we would see Brazil make an appearance in this movie- and it looks like this is the first time we’re seeing it.

The banner also appears to say ‘Confederacao International de Bruxos’ which of course means ‘International Confederation of Witches’. Next, we see the new Grindelwald- Mads Mikkelsen- pulling what appear to be memories out of what APPEARS TO BE Yusuf Kama’s head. We saw this same type of spell used with Slughorn in the Half-Blood Prince.

Next, we see Newt using a makeshift raft to traverse a river, along with his bow truckle companion Pickett. Next, we see a scene that we had a look at in the teaser- which shows Dumbledore saying to an unidentified figure “If we’re to defeat him you’ll have to trust me”. Still not sure if this figure is Theseus or Aberforth Dumbledore, although I’m still leaning towards Theseus.  In the previous films, Theseus and Newt had a bit of a bizarre relationship-  but it looks like it heals a lot in this film.

Next, we’re back to Newt- who appears to be searching in some kind of jungle.  I bet that this is (potentially) the Amazon Rainforest, located once again, in Brazil. Next, we’re back to New York for a second, where we see Theseus, Lally Hicks (Ilvermorny Professor), and presumably soon JACOB walking through a brick wall. I know it’s NOT Diagon alley where they’re going- but it reminds me a lot of it.In the next scene, we see Newt all alone walking into what appears to be some kind of temple in the mountains.

I know that the film is set somewhat in BHUTAN- a landlocked country in the Eastern Himalayas located between China and India, so I’d be willing to bet that this is where Newt is here- as topographically it would make sense. Newt looks pretty concerned here, so I’m willing to bet that this is some kind of Grindelwald campaign rally.In the background, we hear “This is the team that’s going to take down the most dangerous dark wizard in over a century- a  magizoologist, his indispensable assistant,  a wizard descended from a very old family, a school teacher, and- a muggle” As he’s saying this we’re shown all of these characters.

First Newt, then Bunty, then Yusuf, then Lally Hicks, then of course- Jacob. Next, we see something truly bizarre on what appears to be a train, Newt saying to Jacob “Dumbledore asked that I give you something”-  right before pulling out a wand and handing it to him. I don’t know what this means for  Jacob’s character- as a wand is useless in the hands of a true muggle. Does this mean that Jacob has the NASCENT magical ability? Only time will tell, but I’m excited about this.

Next, we see a Gryffindor quidditch student flying around the grounds of Hogwarts on a broom.Following this we see Newt, Jacob, Lally, and  Theseus walking through the walls of Hogwarts,  then we see them in the Great Hall with  Dumbledore- who’s casting some kind of spell that I can’t quite identify. It looks like he’s showing them a landscape or something. Next, we see Aberforth and Albus interacting with one another- with Aberforth saying “Off to save the world are we?” in quite an unimpressed way.

This is the first scene where we see them interacting with one another, and paints quite an interesting picture of their relationship. Next, we see another Grindelwald rally, likely the same one from Brazil.Next, we see Credence, sporting his new Long hair, being paid a visit from a Phoenix.  We don’t know for sure yet, but I think that this phoenix is probably Fawkes. Next, we briefly see Jacob and Queenie embracing one another in a hug. And following this, we see something quite pivotal to the story- Dumbledore analyzing what appears to be a kind of ‘pendant’.

This pendant, however, is certainly no ordinary piece of jewelry, as it relates to the ‘blood pact’ that Dumbledore has with Grindelwald, sealed by ‘blood’. With Dumbledore analyzing it quite so closely- it could suggest that he’s trying to figure out how to break it. Next, we see Newt and Theseus interacting with a vast number of magical-looking crabs, just before being attacked by what appears to be some kind of giant magical. Scorpion?

Next, we see Theseus and Lally Hicks battling with 4 of Grindelwald’s acolytes in what appears to be China or perhaps Bhutan. And following THIS we see JACOB holding his wand with purpose as (seemingly) Queenie and others approach him. Following THIS we see Credence along with Vinda Rosier and someone else I can’t quite identify approaching some kind of magical ‘barrier’ in the forest. Credence begins to cut through the barrier, and the colors appear to quite closely resemble the moment that Voldemort used his magic to plow through the barrier around Hogwarts.

Next, we see Newt running up a staircase towards someone, likely in Bhutan. And following this, we see Grindelwald pointing his wand and yelling “Our war with the muggles”. This also appears to be in Bhutan. Following this, we get a bunch of quick cuts. First Dumbledore looked shocked, then Yusuf Khama cast a spell. Following this, we see Grindelwald in some kind of a bath looking annoyed and casting a spell at what appears to be CREDENCE, just before apparating in front of him and choking him.  I wonder what this could mean for the relationship?

This scene is FULL of tension. Next, we see Credence, full of anger, running through the streets, destroying buildings and causing all sorts of havoc, running directly at Albus Dumbledore. Following this, we see Credence ATTACKING Dumbledore, just before Dumbledore apparats away. Next up we see Dumbledore in what I previously identified to be the Room of Requirement, with Lally Hicks, Jacob, Theseus, and Newt all approach.  Newt even says it in the trailer, “the Room we require”.

Dumbledore motions his head towards some kind of rotating ancient pillar or beam which then transports them somewhere. Next, we see Newt tangled up being carried through the air by some new unidentified magical beast in what appears to be the rainforest.  Maybe Newt doesn’t know how to control these Brazilian beasts as well as he thought. Next, we see Pickett running with what looks to be someone’s wand. Following this we see Credence casting a badass looking spell at Dumbledore- who doesn’t appear to be worried in the slightest. 

This is one of the first times that we truly see Dumbledore’s power on display. Back to the great hall- we see Lally, Theseus, Jacob, Dumbledore, Newt, and what could be MCGONAGALL in the background. In the final scene of the trailer, we see Jacob interacting with Hogwarts students- further suggesting that he is magical, at least in SOME way. And that’s pretty much it.


We also now have a confirmed release date of April 2022, which is nice considering how many pushbacks we’ve had on the film to date.

Are you guys excited? Comment any interesting things that YOU saw down below. Until next time Remember it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.

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