Emotional Alec Baldwin claims he is not responsible for the tragedy in Rust

Emotional Alec Baldwin claims he is not responsible for the tragedy in Rust: ‘Someone placed a live bullet in a revolver.’

On the set of the film Rust, actor Alec Baldwin denied pressing the trigger of a gun that killed cameraman Halyna Hutchins. He also stated that he was injured, rather than guilty.

Alec Baldwin denied firing the trigger of a revolver that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza in his first heart to heart interview since the terrible event held on the set of his film Rust. It was the worst thing that had ever happened to Baldwin, he claimed.

Halya Hutchins

On the Sante Fe set of the Western, Hutchins was murdered when a fake gun held by Baldwin went off. In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, the actor stated that he would “never” aim a pistol at someone and pull the trigger. “The trigger was not pulled,” says the narrator. He admitted, “I didn’t pull the trigger.” “Someone put a live bullet in a pistol, a bullet that wasn’t allowed to be on the property,” he added. Someone is to blame for this situation, and while I can’t tell who it is, I’m confident it isn’t me.”

After Hutchins and Souza collapsed, authorities were responded to the scene. Baldwin claimed he didn’t realise the seriousness of the event until later that day, when he was being interrogated by the police. “They stated to me at the end of my interview with the police office, ‘We regret to inform you that [Hutchins] didn’t make it,'” Baldwin claimed.

Hutchins dropped after the pistol went off, according to the actor, and he stayed over her for a minute in shock after the rifle went off. [Hutchins] is knocked out. “I wondered aloud, ‘Did she pass out?'” he added. “It was approximately 45 minutes to an hour later that I realised there was a real bullet in the rifle.”

Alec Baldwin

Baldwin stated that he had no guilt for what occurred. “I may have killed myself if I believed I was responsible,” he added, adding that he doesn’t mind if his career suffers as a result. “I couldn’t care that much about my career,” he stated. “I’m having a lot of nightmares about this today,” Baldwin added. “I go about my business and get things done.” Then, at the end of the day, I pass out. “Emotionally, I’m on the point of collapsing.”

The police are looking into the incident. Although no criminal charges have been filed, two crew workers have accused Baldwin, the producers, and others for carelessness and insufficient safety standards.


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