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Dhindora is created co-written by top YouTuber Bhuvan Bam also known as BB ki vines. A large part of Bhuvan’s rise to digital stardom was down to the lovably hilarious middle class family character he created for his YouTube comedy.

Dhindora is an attempt to make a narrative based show based on those every character which featured so far and new episodes dropping every week.

We’re about halfway through the show so here are my thoughts on the show so far directed by Himank Gor and quoted by Hussain and Abbas Talal the series is an Eddie murphy style out in out unapologetically over the top comedy in which Bhuvan plays 10 characters.

He’s essentially in most of the cast he plays the lead, his parents, his two friends, and a bunch of the other supporting roles. You have to appreciate the ambition here both in terms of him playing almost every role as well as the admirably and silly tone of the show because they really go for it doing anything and everything to get It off.

Especially considering the fact that comedy continues to be a severely underserved genre within the Indian streaming space but more than that behind the show you genuinely get a sense of a team of people who honestly and sincerely just want to entertain. The story not that it really matters follows a father who loses his memory after being hit by a car moments after he finds an 11 crore winning lottery ticket which follows a chaotic comedy of errors as everyone tries to track down the jackpot ticket in terms of which Dhindora exists in a David Dhawan  style universe.


It’s essentially a sitcom within your face nothing is off limits cartoonish characters who live entirely in service of the punch lines above all else and all that’s really missing is a laughter track.
This is a world where characters talk to themselves there’s humour people play catch with babies doctors prescribe a big boss DVD to patients recovering from trauma and I could go on in one scene when a character goes missing in a hospital another character starts opening drawers to look for him which I think tells you everything you need to know the best gag is definitely the frequent cutaways to Anup Sony giving intense crime patrol style narrations of what’s going down much of it is just pure silly but even within its silliness there were times that I was laughing sometimes, I don’t even know if I’m laughing at it or with it and you really need to enjoy watching Bhuvan as these characters to be able to stomach.

The show considering, he’s in every single frame sometimes four of him at a time and of course, you never feel any sort of depth for any of Bhuvan’s various colourful creations. There were times where i did wonder what this might have been. If he played six characters and gave them more dimensions rather than going big for the sake of it also because most scenes are constructed on him talking to other people played by himself.

There are a lot of close-ups which can get claustrophobic sometimes. You just feel like you want to step back and take a breath based on the episode so far. It also has to be said that the female characters have little to do who one’s love interest is a doctor played by Gayatri Bhardwaj who’s little more than eye candy and of all the characters.

Bhuvan place the mother character has the least depth and is clearly the biggest cartoon of the Dhindora. There’s much fun to be had within its animated insanity if you’re looking for lovably mindless escapist laughs and this show is for you it’s the series equivalent of that loud obnoxious person you meet who demands all the attention bringing in a massive exhausting energy with them going to any lengths to get a laugh willing to make any joke they can think of but you come away from that undeniably entertained and honestly when you’re clocking in 15 million views in less than a day what really matter what i think you can watch Dhindora on Bhuvan’s YouTube channel.

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