Annabelle Rogers Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki 2024.

Annabelle Rogers

Annabelle Rogers has taken the adult entertainment industry by storm. She does it with her captivating performances and stunning looks. Rogers was born on 5 April 1995 in Sarasota, Florida. She has become one of the most sought-after models and video creators in the industry. Her mix of beauty, talent, and charm is unique. She has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.

In this blog post, we will look into Annabelle Rogers’ net worth, age, height, weight, family, and bio. We’ll do this to get a closer look at the life of this American sensation. From her humble beginnings to her rise to fame, we will explore all there is to know about Annabelle Rogers in 2024. Let’s dive in and learn about this amazing woman. She has taken the adult entertainment world by storm.

Who is Annabelle Rogers?

Annabelle Rogers is a very famous person who makes videos and models for a job. She was born in a sunny place called Sarasota, Florida, which is in the United States. Annabelle started working in 2017. Since then, many people have come to know her because of her talent and her looks on camera. Imagine you’re watching your favorite cartoon. There’s that one character who stands out for being really good at what they do.

Annabelle Rogers

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That’s kind of like Annabelle, but for grown-ups. She’s very good at her job, and people really like her work. Annabelle has blue eyes and is 5 feet 5 inches tall, which is a lot taller than you! She also has a big smile and loves to entertain people. You have hobbies or things you love. Annabelle has found something she’s good at and enjoys a lot.

Nick Name Annabelle
Born (Date of Birth) 5 April 1995
Age (as 2024) 29 Years Old
Birthplace Sarasota, Florida, United States
Gender Female
Zodiac Sign Aries
Lives In Sarasota, Florida, United States
Hobbies/Habits/Interests Traveling, Shopping, Selfie Lover, Dog Lover, Internet Surfing
Favorite Clothing Brands Calvin Klein, LOUIS VUITTON, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi Strauss & Co.
Favorite Gadgets Smartphone, DSLR Camera, Smart Watch, DJI Mavic Drone
Networth $100K USD
figure size 34DD-28-38

Weight 68 KG
150 lbs (pounds)
Height 165 cm
1.65 m
5 ft 5 in

Real name and ethnicity.

Annabelle Rogers is actually a special name for work, kind of like a superhero name! But, her birth name might be different. It’s like how you might play pretend and give yourself a new name. People are curious about her real name because it’s fun to learn secrets about famous people. Annabelle comes from a place called the United States, which means she is American. America is big.

It has people from all over the world. So, it’s like a giant melting pot of different people. Her family’s background, or ethnicity, refers to where they came from a long time ago. This interests people. It tells us about the colorful stories and places her family might have been part of.

Early Life and Education

Annabelle Rogers grew up in a sunny place called Sarasota, Florida. When she was a little girl, not much older than you, she went to school just like you do. School is a place where you learn all sorts of things, like reading, writing, and math. Annabelle was once a kid who had to wake up early, carry her backpack, and learn new things every day.

We don’t know her favorite subjects. Maybe she liked art because she’s creative now. Or, she enjoyed music. Just like you have dreams about what you want to be when you grow up, Annabelle had dreams too. School helped her learn to work hard. It also taught her to believe in herself. These are key lessons for achieving your dreams.

Annabelle Rogers

Parents and siblings

Just like you, Annabelle Rogers has a family. She was born to her mom and dad, who cared for her and helped her grow up into the person she is today. Imagine having a family that supports you in all you do. Your parents help you with your homework and teach you to ride a bike. That’s what Annabelle’s parents did for her. She might also have brothers or sisters. You might have siblings to play with, share secrets, or even argue over toys.

Having siblings is like having built-in best friends who are with you from the start. We don’t know much about her brothers or sisters. But, like you, they were a big part of her adventures growing up. They had lots of fun stories to tell! They made them by playing in the backyard.

Boyfriend/ Husband

It’s like in stories. People have special friends to share secrets and adventures with. Annabelle Rogers might have someone special too. This person could be a boyfriend or a husband. It’s like how princes and princesses in fairy tales have each other. But, just like some secrets in a treasure chest, we don’t know for sure if Annabelle has a prince of her own.

It’s a bit like when you play hide and seek, and you try to find where your friends are hiding. Some things about people, especially famous ones, are hidden away like a secret game. So, we keep guessing and imagining, just like when you make up stories with your toys.

The physical appeal: height, weight, and Figure

Annabelle Rogers is a grown-up who is very tall and strong. She stands as tall as 5 feet and 5 inches. Imagine standing next to a door; she would be a bit taller than where the door handle is! She also weighs as much as 150 pounds, which is like if you tried to pick up 150 small bags of sugar all at once! That might sound like a lot, but remember, for grown-ups, it’s just right for her height.

Annabelle looks like characters in fairy tales. She has pretty blue eyes. They are as blue as the sky on a sunny day. She takes good care of herself. She eats healthy foods and maybe plays sports or dances. This helps her stay strong and happy. Just like how you feel good when you run around in the playground, Annabelle feels good by being active. People like how she looks. It’s because she’s healthy and shines brightly. She’s like a princess in a storybook, with her fancy dress and sparkling crown.

Annabelle Rogers

Breast/Bust size 44 in / 112 cm
Waist size 29 in / 76 cm
Hips size 35 in / 91 cm
Bra size 48F (US) / 110F (EU)

Annabelle Rogers Before Fame

Before Annabelle Rogers became famous, she was like any other girl. She grew up in the sunny town of Sarasota, Florida. Imagine playing outside with your friends. You also went to school and dreamed about what you want to be when you grow up. That’s what Annabelle’s life was like. She loved to play make-believe, dress up in fun costumes, and tell stories.

Just like you might have a favorite game or toy, Annabelle had things she loved to do too. She wasn’t always the star she is now; she started like anyone else. Imagine learning to ride a bike. Or, trying something new for the first time. Annabelle had moments like that too. Before the lights, camera, and action, she was a girl with big dreams, hoping to share her talents with the world.

Annabelle Rogers Career

In 2017, Annabelle Rogers decided to show the world her talents. She did this by entering the world of adult entertainment. This is a job where grown-ups act in movies that aren’t meant for kids. Think of it as when you put on a show or play pretend, but for Annabelle, it’s how she works. She started making videos and quickly became known for how well she does her job.

Annabelle worked hard and improved her video-making skills, like a gamer getting better. People all over the world started to notice her because she was so good at her work. She joined a place called ManyVids to share her videos with more people. This was her first big step in becoming famous. Remember, this is a job just for adults, and it’s how Annabelle chose to share her talents.

Annabelle Rogers Net Worth

Annabelle Rogers is like a treasure hunter who has found lots of gold coins on her adventures! In her job, she works very hard, just like when you save up your allowance to buy something special. Because of her hard work, she has saved up about $100,000! Imagine all the toys, books, and games you could buy with that much money.

It’s like having a huge pile of treasure in your backyard. Annabelle’s treasure comes from being great at her job. She makes videos that grown-ups enjoy. We call this her “net worth.” But, it’s just a fancy way to say how much money she saved from her time in adult entertainment. Remember, it’s important to work hard for what you want, just like Annabelle did!

Famous Reason

Annabelle Rogers became famous. She excels at making special adult videos. It’s like when you watch your favorite TV show. It makes you laugh or feel excited. Grown-ups like watching Annabelle because she’s talented and makes cool videos. She started working with a group called ‘ManyVids’ in 2017. From there, more and more people noticed her.

It’s kind of like when you do a really good job on your homework, and your teacher gives you a gold star. Annabelle got lots of “gold stars” from people all over the world because she does her job so well. That’s how she became a star in her work, just like astronauts become famous for going to space. She found something she was really good at, worked hard, and lots of people appreciated it.

Nationality and religion.

Annabelle Rogers comes from a big place called the United States. This makes her American. This is like saying you come from a certain town or state, but for Annabelle, it’s the whole country of America.

People from all over the world live in America, making it a mix of many different kinds of folks. As for religion, it’s about what people believe. It’s about stories about the stars, the earth, or magical moments. Just like everyone has a favorite color or ice cream flavor. People also have their own beliefs.

Legacy and Impact

Annabelle Rogers is like a pioneer. She is one of the first to do something well in her job. She makes videos for grown-ups. Think of her as a leader in a game, showing others how to play it the best way. She has inspired many people with her work,

just like how superheroes inspire us to be brave and kind. Her impact is like a stone thrown into a pond, creating ripples that reach far and wide. Other people see what she does and think, “I can do great things too!” This is how Annabelle has made a big splash in her world.

Future Plains

Annabelle Rogers has big dreams for the future. They are like what you imagine as a child, when you think about what you want to be when you grow up. She might want to make more videos, because she loves sharing her talents with the world. Annabelle might also think about teaching others how to be great at what they love.

This is like how your teachers help you learn new things. Maybe she will explore new places. She might also try new hobbies, like painting or playing music. Whatever she decides, Annabelle’s future is bright and full of options. It’s like the stories you dream up about going on big adventures and finding new things!

Annabelle Rogers Hobbies

  • Annabelle loves to be outdoors, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. She finds it fun to go for walks or play in the park.
  • She is really into painting, making colorful pictures with her brushes and paints. It’s like magic when she mixes colors together!
  • Music is another hobby of hers. She loves to dance and listen to different tunes, making up her own dance moves as she goes. Annabelle also likes reading stories.
  • She imagines she’s on adventures with the characters.
  • Playing with her pets is a big part of her day, giving them cuddles and teaching them new tricks.

Interesting Facts About

  • Annabelle was born in a place where the sun shines a lot, called Sarasota, Florida. She started making her videos in 2017, which wasn’t too long ago!
  • People all over the world watch her because she’s good at what she does.
  • Annabelle is as tall as the space between the ground and where the door handle is, which is 5 feet 5 inches!
  • Her eyes are as blue as the sky on a very sunny day.
  • She found something she loves to do and turned it into her job, just like how a painter loves to paint.

Annabelle Rogers FAQs

What does Annabelle Rogers do?

She makes special, grown-up videos and is a model.

Where is Annabelle from?

She grew up in a sunny place called Sarasota, Florida.

How tall is she?

She’s as tall as the space between the ground and a door handle, which is 5 feet and 5 inches!

What color are her eyes?

Her eyes are as blue as the sky on a sunny day.

When did she start her job?

Annabelle started making her videos in 2017.

Does Annabelle have any hobbies?

She enjoys outdoor activities, like painting and hiking.


Annabelle Rogers is like a pioneer. She is one of the first to do something well in her job. She makes videos for grown-ups. Think of her as a leader in a game, showing others how to play it the best way. She has inspired many people with her work,

just like how superheroes inspire us to be brave and kind. Her impact is like a stone thrown into a pond, creating ripples that reach far and wide.


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