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Who is Ahmad Haffar?

Ahmad Haffar (born February 2, 1994) is a media entrepreneur and digital creative who specializes in audio sonic branding. Ahmad is currently known as “The Voice of Dubai,” having recorded and mixed “Dubai Metro” and “Etisalat.” He has sold songs for artists such as Nancy Ajram, Elissa, Vivian, Melhem, and others.

His studio has already won the UAE Prestige Awards 2020 – best studio and producer in the UAE – and the UAE Prestige Awards 2021 – best studio and composer in the UAE. Best Production House in the UAE 2021 in the MENA Awards.

Ahmad Haffar Personal Life/Early Life

Haffar was born in Tripoli, Lebanon, to parents Kamal and Safinaz Haffar. Originally from Lebanon, Ahmad’s parents were teachers of the French language, and English was never spoken at home. Being a self-learner, he picked up the English language at the age of four by watching Cartoon Network and action movies. By the age of 6, he was very fluent in the language.

At the age of 8, his elder brother Wassim introduced a guitar into the household and Ahmad fell in love with it. Music soon became his passion and he started playing the electric guitar and piano very well but there was a flip side, his academic grades began to suffer. “I started teaching people how they could use music as a career and earn a living, and that took my focus away from school completely. But I knew that this was the path I wanted to pursue.”

At 15, one of his students Anthony had an audition for guitar and Ahmad went along to cheer his prodigy. As he was watching the auditions, a woman named Michelle came over and asked him why he wasn’t on stage with the kids. “She was surprised to hear my story and wondered how I could be teaching someone twice my age. Keen to know more about my talent in music, she got a bunch of guys to watch me play different ‘mood’ styles that showcased my capabilities. Two of those people were [Lebanese singers] Melhem Zein and Vivian Mrad. They chose me as a guitarist for their song, but I ended up doing far more than just that, playing the piano and other instruments. This was the first real turning point of my life,” he says.

Name Ahmad Haffar
Nick Name Ahmad
Birth Date 16/02/1994
Age (As of 2022) 28 Years
Birth Place Tripoli, Lebanon
Gender Male
Nationality Lebanese
Religion Not Known
Profession MindLoop Studios’ Managing Partner
Zodiac Sign Not Known
Notable work “Talabat” Voice, “Du” Sonic, “SwitchTV” Sonic, “Etisalat” Voice & Sonic, “Dubai Opera, Mall of Emirates” Voice, and many more.
Famous For The Voice of Dubai
Physical Appearance
Height(Approx) In feet & inches: 5 ft 5 in

In centimeters: 165 cm

Weight(Approx) In kilograms: 60 kg

In pounds: 132 lbs

Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Family Background, Education
Father Name Kamal Haffar
Mother Name Safinaz
Siblings Brother: Wassim and Houssam
School Not Known
College Not Known
Education Qualification Not Known
Social Media Accounts
Ahmad Haffar
Twitter N/A


Ahmad Haffar Career Highlights

His career reached a unique height after around two years of freelancing work selling tunes for artists such as Nancy Ajram, Elissa, Vivian, Melhem, and others. But, as luck would have it, his automobile crashed over the Beirut-Tripoli bridge when he was driving with his boyhood closest friends Ahmad Dib and Mohammad Al Omar. Both he and his companion perished as a result of the accident. “We were approaching ‘kou3 el jamejem,’ which loosely translates to ‘the bend with skulls.’ Due to the highway’s quick turn following a long stretch of straights, several fatal accidents have occurred there. I was fortunate to be the only survivor.” He made it out alive, but not without breaking his hand, leg, and back.

Ahmad recovered a little after sliding into a coma for a few days, but he had to spend nearly a year in the hospital working to regain hand, leg, and back functions. “I also lost my spleen, which caused me a lot of health problems.” “During those bedridden days, I thought a lot about why I was the lone survivor, and I realized it could have something to do with doing something good in my life.” “I knew I had a wonderful voice, so I started practicing my singing and worked on voice-overs for commercials (while still in the hospital bed),” he adds.

He moved to Dubai in 2014, at the age of 19, to start a new life with a healed body and a clean mind. He was hired as a special music coordinator for a firm that creates personalized music playlists for companies including Galleries Lafayette, Carrefour, and Paris Gallery. But, hungry for more, he started working as a freelance voice-over artist.

He recalls, “It was all about making ends meet.” “During my hospital stay, I worked on honing my voice by practicing various tones. To get better employment, I performed free voice-over work for clients. But then I was signed by a major label, and the rest is history! “Almost everything changed in a second,” he adds.


His studio has already won the UAE Prestige Awards 2020 – best studio and producer in the UAE – and the UAE Prestige Awards 2021 – best studio and composer in the UAE. Best Production House in the UAE 2021 in the MENA Awards.

Dubai Expo 2020 voice

“Welcome to Expo 2020 Dubai, what will be the world’s finest spectacle,” was recorded in the voice of Ahmad Haffar. As tourists from all over the globe gather to the different pavilions of the famous Expo 2020 Dubai, they will be welcomed by a deep and husky voice that says “Welcome to Dubai Expo 2020, the world’s largest exhibition. Bringing together more nations than ever before to produce an unprecedented event in the world’s largest Expo.”

Residents may recognize the same voice in various variations of public transportation and Expo welcome videos – this is the voice behind several audiovisual promos for a number of well-known and well-liked entities such as Etisalat, Majid Al Futtaim, Dubai Metro, Emirates Airline, Dubai Opera, and more. Ahmad Haffar, 27, managing partner and co-owner of Mindloop Studios, is the guy behind the voice. Ahmad is currently known as the voice of Dubai, having completed more than 45 projects in three years.

In less than two days, a viral video of him created by DubaiLAD (a private news and media website) was able to put a face to the voice, generating over a million views.

Some Interesting Facts at a glance About Ahmad Haffar

  • He took over Mindloop Studios with the support of his close friend and now partner Ahmad Ghannoum.
  • He taught himself practically everything as the company evolved, including strengthening his English, social skills, guitar, bass, piano, electronic music creation, audio engineer fundamentals, sound manipulation, and more.
  • A customer once arrived at the studio about an hour before a scheduled recording session. Ahmad had fallen asleep on the sofa since he had been working all night. When the woman saw this, she awoke him and informed him that she would inform his supervisor that he was sleeping off at work.
  • With the support of his manager, Rosy Yaghi, Ahmad oversees the company’s day-to-day operations.
  • Mohammad Taifi and Saif Nasser are their newest engineers “They are both really enthusiastic about their music. We’re a dream squad, to put it that way!”
  • Mindloop is currently one of the region’s best audio branding professionals, with work that can be found in a variety of places, including bus stops, the Metro, well-known businesses, and, most recently, the Expo 2020 Dubai. They’ve run roughly 45 campaigns so far. “Aside from music and voices, I also compose slogans and do a lot of other things!” he explains.
  • Aphex Twin, a British artist who “doesn’t concentrate on fame or money but rather the product itself,” is his major inspiration.
  • His studio has already won the UAE Prestige Awards 2020 – best studio and producer in the UAE – and the UAE Prestige Awards 2021 – best studio and composer in the UAE. Best Production House in the UAE 2021, according to the MENA Awards.
  • His mother and sister, he claims, are his life’s loves, while his father and two brothers, Wassim and Houssam, are his pillars of support.
  • He’s also working on the OnTheField Creative Academy, the region’s first one-on-one, custom-made programs, which include complete voiceover, audio, video, and photography programs.

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