11 Facts You Didn’t Know About Squid Game

We are very excited to be bringing you a post on the show the world can’t stop talking about Squid Game. It’s been truly amazing watching the rise of the series and we really can’t remember the last time something like this happened maybe Game of Thrones. Whatever, the case we fell in love with the show like millions of others. So here it is 11 facts you didn’t know about Squid Game. We apologize if we mispronounce any Korean words.

[1.] Jung Ho Yan is definitely the breakout star from Squid Game and amazingly this was her first ever acting role before this she was a model who did many international runway shows. While modeling overseas she’d occasionally come home and dabble in some acting taking three months of lessons overall. Literally, one month after signing with the talent agency, she auditioned for Squid Game while attending the New York fashion week and got the role.

[2.] The phone number used in Squid Game actually belonged to a real person. The producers thought that by removing the first three digits it would render the number unusable little. Did they know that if it was dialled as a local call the prefix 010 was automatically added leading to a real number. The person says they were inundated with up to 4 000 calls a day and can’t even change the number because it’s associated with their business. After hearing this, a South Korean President hopeful offered to buy the number for 85000 and later on NETFLIX changed the number to six digits ending the harassment.

[3.] As you know in Squid game, all the players wear the same evergreen tracksuits while all the guards are outfitted with hot pink jumpsuits. The director Huang Dong Hyuk explained that how the tracksuits were inspired by 1970’s athletic wear in Korea called Training Bach. And the workers outfits were based off of pictures Huang found of industrial workers.

[4.] So I don’t know about you guys but I didn’t even notice the significance of the shapes on the workers masks and the hierarchy involved until about halfway through the series, but as I’m sure most people are aware by now the circles are the low-level workers or the grunts. The triangles signify an armed soldier and the squares are a kin to managers.

[5.] There’s also an additional meaning to the masks in the Korean alphabet the circle is the letter O, the triangle corresponds to the letter J and the square signifies the letter M. Spellings O,J, and M are actually the initials of Ojin Gogaim or Squid Game.


[6.] The statues featured in episode 7 were all real people not only were the statues real but so were the 456 people in the first game. Huang really wanted to minimize CGI usage so they used a ton of extras for that scene because they didn’t want to use a lot of CGI. All the sets were hand built, the most time consuming one to make was for the marbles game which was influenced by what a town would look like in South Korea during the 70s and 80s. The most dangerous set in squid game were the glass stepping stones as they stood about five feet off the ground.

[7.] Seoul National University was brought up many times as the prestigious college where CHO SENG WU attended and in real life it is actually revered and is regarded as the most prestigious university in South Korea and you guessed it with the college that prestigious getting your application accepted is a nightmare. But again that’s probably why CHO SING-WU did so well in the Squid Game even though he embezzled millions of dollars and got caught. He already beat out all the competition to get accepted to Seoul University and he almost did it again.

[8.] Squid Game has officially become NETFLIX’S most popular series ever with 111 million views in just 28 days and when you consider the fact that NETFLIX has just over 200 million subscriptions worldwide that number is even more astounding.

[9] HUANG was turned down by every Korean production group, he presented the ‘Squid Game’ to it. So, HUANG was forced to set aside the script a decade later much had changed in the world which resulted in NETFLIX taking interest in the idea and ordering a nine part series instead of just one film and HUANG had his work cut out for him. There is no one to help him write out the story or deal with the intricacies and complications that inevitably arose from the changing of it from a movie to a series. The first two episodes took half a year to complete and by the end of it six of his teeth had fallen out but looking back at it now. I’m sure HUANG would say that it was all worth it.

[10.] Probably the most iconic set in all a Squid Game are the trippy set of staircases that carry the contestants from game to game. Creator HUANGDONG HYUK has come out and said that they were heavily inspired by M.C Escher’s relativity this isn’t the only media that’s been influenced by Escher as many other shows and movies have incorporated complex and confusing staircases into their content.

[11.] Jung Ho Yan had just half a million Instagram followers and in one month that number has sky rocketed to over 20 million.


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